Sunday, February 01, 2009

A Morning With Diego

Heartbroken as all Cardinal fans are but let me make something real clear I am disappointed at the outcome but not disappointed with my team. I had not seen our state so fired up and so together rooting for them, as as far as sports in our state we hadn't had this high since the Diamond Backs won the world series. Know that in my book they are still #1 and just can't wait for next season.

Everybody knows that I have seven grand kids and I love them all to death, they are all the product of a love that started with mi chica and I some 28 years ago but it's also no secret that Mr. Diego Ray is very attached to grandma and grandpa and spends lots of time with them. It is not uncommon for mi chica and I to go to sleep and wake up because we are getting kicked in the ribs. Yep, mysteriously Diego will slide inside our bed and continues his sleep in between the two of us.

So this past Saturday mi chica left the van and so Diego and I went on a photo hunt outing because I was in desperate need of new images for my Arizona... But It's a Dry Heat! blog. First stop was, no we did not take pictures there but did get fed with the many finger foods they have on Saturday. lol After purchasing a few items we needed we left for Garden Lakes, an adjacent subdivision of Avondale and captured the following images.

Thanks to my daughter, Diego has grown in front of the lens of a camera and now instantly comes up with his own brand of posing. This kid is an original.

Striking another pose.

Then he captured this image of me with the lake in the background, unfortunately the sun was right behind me and I came out dark. At least the background was crystal clear.

From there it was off to another location, we drove west and soon found another interesting place I have never been before. Estrella Mountain Community College is only about 10 minutes away from our house but I had never stopped, well we parked the car and went into campus. Right away I saw some photo ops that I will be posting on my Arizona... But It's a Dry Heat! blog, but here are a couple more for your enjoyment.

We then went to a mini mart to load on much needed drinks. The weather was beautiful for the last day of January but inside the car it was a little hot and AC the AC had to be turned on. We got our drinks, hit a couple more locations but didn't find good places to take some shots, so we decided to go back home and called it a morning.

We were out for a total of three wonderful hours that we spent together, it's nice to be out with a kid that needs little to no supervision, this kid is very mature for his age and I am sure everyone that is around him learns to love him.

Thank you Diego for a great grandpa/grandson outing. Next time we need to take the "Ducky" with us.


Maryita said...

Aww Que lindo! It is a fact! Si se da a querer! Lol I just lovee his poses! He is a very original little kid! Lol

Jose said...

Maryita - LOL -- I condur. Although he poses good, he is not a poser, but an original. An you are so right, he is a very original little kid.

Betty Flocken said...

You're a wonderful grand father! Diego is a doll! Grand kids make life SO much fun..

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