Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Will Survive

For the second time in a short amount of time we are going to have pizza for lunch sponsored by the two regional sales managers as a way to thank us for all we do for the sales team. Work is extremely slow and yet we are all still surviving there so it's nice to have a free lunch once in a while. These days saving a dollars means a lot to most of us. "God may squeeze you, but he won't choke you".

I don't know if I have mentioned this before but I work for a company that sells electronic equipment to every school in the country. Yeap, we are the "Best Buy" for the education sector along with Government and even churches. Did you ever hear that when they hire a new employee at See's Candies they encourage that newbie to eat as much chocolate as his/her little heart desire. The idea is that very soon that employee will want nothing to do with chocolate anymore.

Well, that sort of is me. We sell the latest in electronic equipment and yet the three TVs that I own are about 10 years old. It takes me forever to jump on the band wagon of new technology. I know the new TVs are very clear, heck they are actually clearer than real life but I'll tell you what when I am home watching my old 62" rear projection TV, since I have nothing to compare it with I still think it's the greatest and I will very much miss it once it breaks.

So adapt and overcome is my motto, I am always broke so I adapted and daily overcome it. No need for me to have the latest rage in plasma TVs, or a $300.00 iPod, or a brand new computer. I am a recycler of sorts, I bought my TV from a friend for a mere $500.00 dollars, my iPod shuffle was a gift from work as was my very old lap top computer, but guess what? Old as they are they work just fine.

My car still gets lots of attention, of course it's a Mustang but I do keep it looking pretty nice. It's a 93 and it's starting to show its age. I have been asked time and time again why don't I trade it in, but really why would I? My car is HOT, it's PAID IN FULL, and my yearly tags are about $25.00. No thank you, I'll keep my old Mustang which by the way will soon be at Knott's Berry Farm's Fabulous Fords Forever Car Show. Try that with your newer cars. lol

I guess the moral of all these is that if we wise up a little, we can live comfortably in the poor house. But then again there are those that have a need for the new stuff and the never ending outstanding credit card balances, what do we call it? Oh yeah, the American dream.

Gotta, go pizza is here and it's calling my name. Ummmmm pizza!


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