Friday, February 27, 2009

Stimulating the economy

Yey, it's Friday and I will be going to my favorite karaoke hangout tonight. I figure a couple of drinks and some food will inject some revenue into Manny's. These days every dollar counts. Should be lots of fun, the Phoenix/Avondale weather can't be better and the music that is going on in my head is dying to come out. So... with that in mind and with not much happening in our lives I live you with another song I did some time ago.

Why did I sing this song? I really DON'T KNOW WHY. -- LOL

OK, so Norah Jones I'm not, but hey I really like this Spanish version so I had to do it. Tomorrow a couple I met at Manny's is hosting a karaoke party at their house. Should be another good time and coming up on Sunday it's my son and his lovely wife's House Warming Party.

I hope you too have a great weekend planned.



Betty Flocken said...

Nice voice! Hope you're having a good time at the party today!

ChrisJ said...

You have music in you , Jose. I liked this song and especially the soft beat.

Anonymous said...

How iteresting that you would chose to sing this song in spanish. I'm glad you liked this version too. I guess you did listen to the CD I gave you after all! I wasn't sure if you had warmed up to it or not. It is one of my favorites!

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