Saturday, February 28, 2009

Singing, screwing, and tipping.

What a way to start the weekend. I did go out and karaokied a bit, as always it was fun. I don't eat meat on Fridays during lent so I didn't eat, I did have some coffee and chips with salsa. I got home and was a little hungry so as always mi chica came to the rescue and made me an egg and cheese torta. Ummm it was good and tasty and it so hit the spot.

So, I am walking during lunch, you know my daily two-mile walk and I am just car gazing when all of a sudden a truck passed by and it had one of those company magnetic signs and it read in big bold letters, "Keep Screwing" and right under it were a pair of animated screws. He, he if you guessed it was from a screw company you are right. Betcha people read it twice, I know I did.

OK, here's the scenario. You are walking down the street and there's a fool with ear buds in his ears walking towards you, he is singing out of the top of his lungs and sounds pretty crappy, then just as he passes you by we waves at you and nods his head in a sign of salutation... I really want to know what goes through those peoples minds, but then again I really don't care because I probably won't stop.

Five creams, five sugars, in it please. Isn't it cool, now you can order your coffee already made and ready to drink. If you ever want some of the best fresh coffee around skip Starbucks and head on to Micky D's theirs is by far a better coffee. Feel free to forward this message to them and quote me, then maybe, just maybe they'll give me free coffee for a month or something.

Did you know that lot of Mobile gas stations don't even charge for coffee. I went once and got me a coffee and they just waved me off. I thought for sure that was a one time deal but I went back on another occasion and guess what, yep, they waved me off without charging again. I am not saying all Mobile gas stations do this but I been to two of them in my neighborhood and I got the same treatment. Can't go wrong with free.

OK, so my father in law fixed my car and when he finished he told me I had to go a place where they could top off the oil in the differential. So I went to one of those quick lube places near us and asked them to do this. Fifteen minutes later my they called me and said my car was ready, they printed a bill on the computer and as I was pulling my debit card, the guy said, don't worry we won't charge you. I was pleasanlty surpirsed and thanked them warmly.

So, now I wonder was I supposed to tip all those people for the service. I just thought anything free helps my budget and I am thankful for it, the downside is that I hardly ever carry cash anymore so I really couldn't tip them.


Maryita said...

As much as I lovee Starbucks and once in a I'll spoil myself and pass by Starbuck. I must agree that McDonals' coffee is one of the BEST coffee out there! =)

<33 Tu Princess

ChrisJ said...

This tipping business is so 'iffy'. My husband and I don't think alike when it comes to tips. I always think waitress should get a good tip because it is hard work for very little pay and most of them are either students, or people just trying to make ends meet.

MrManuel said...

Yeah, I rarely carry cash and when I do, it is not a couple of bucks for tipping people. I understand though, what a dilemma.

The screw sign was funny.

Erin said...

You know I love a deal.. so I really wish I drank coffee, I would totally go try it out!!

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