Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Nice Weather

I can't believe, while the news talk about flight delays and cancellations due to the horrible weather back east we are enjoying some of the best weather we'll probably have all year. Yes, unfortunately for us it's not all roses, eventually it will get go, then it will get hot again and just when you think you are melting it will get hotter. But then again we know that so we are kindda ready for it. But that will be later, for now we enjoy the awesome weather. I'm sorry friends back east.

This morning the weather was about 60 degrees and it was beautiful so I drove with the top down. Yes I wore my jacket but that was all I needed. I love Arizona. Yes, it's hot, but it's a dry heat.

The one thing I dread about this time of year is that my allergies flare up. So far I am not getting that burning sensation in my eyes, but the do tear and itch a lot. They get so red and pouchy that people actually think that I am drunk. I don't even drink.

Then during peak season, I'll get those nasty sneeze attacks. The endless achus just go on and on and on, like the Duracell bunny. But, hey some have to pay that price for the great weather.

Anyway, I just came back from my "lunch walk" and thought I would share with you some of our nice weather. So here it goes... enjoy!


MrManuel said...

Yeah, yeah, rub it in. It wasn't really cold here today, but it was rain, rain, rain all day. Sunny California my ass!

Michelle said...

It's actually starting to feel a little too warm sometimes in the afternoon... I wish spring would stay spring and not turn into summer so quickly.

Jose said...

MrManuel - It used to be sunny California when I lived there, amazing how the weather has shifted.

Michelle - Yeap, I felt it during my walk. It is getting hot already. Pretty soon I am going to have to stop walking.


like the new look sunny ca. not, its rained here for days I need sunshine

Tara said...

Jose...I'll trade you...Michigan's cold air for some of of that Arizona heat! :)

Jose said...

LYCKYLADY - Just say, "Rain, rain, go away come back another day".

Tara - Ehhhh, nope! I'm stingy that way. lol

Betty Flocken said...

It is beautiful here in the spring. I'm hoping for another spring/summer like last year. LONG late spring and early Monsoon!!

Erin said...

It'll be up to 80 this weekend... and Monday there was a snow day!

Ah, the joy of living in North Carolina ;)

Arizona weather sounds perfectly enjoyable :-)

catscratch said...

Perfecto. It's sunny here, but still reall, really cold.
Pass the warmth along, ok?

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