Saturday, February 14, 2009

St. Valentine's Day

Mi chica and I

So, mi chica and I decided to celebrate St. Valentine's Day at home instead of going out to a fancy restaurant, that is if you want to call Jack in the Box fancy. lol

Last Wednesday I asked her what we were going to do for Valentine's and she said it was to late for reservations so I being the quick thinker that I am said, "Why don't we call our kids and ask them if they want to join us for a Carne Asada at the house". Next thing I know is the kids are telling me see ya on Saturday. Turns out they were down with the news. Are you kiddin' they will never say no to Carne Asada.

It was a simple but fun family gathering. My three kids, or should I say six kids, since my in laws treat us with love and respect that we love them like our kids, and the icing on the cake our seven grand kids were all at the house with us. And OK I will be the first one to accept that carne asada may not be the most romantic meal but boy is it good and tasty.

Ummmm que rico! Are you feeling hungry yet?

The following are some of the images captured during the day.

Mexican rice, nopalitos salad, cabbage salad, refried beans, and onions with soy sause were the perfect side dishes to complement the meat. We were planning on having some home made cookies but discovered that in the end we did not have room for any more food.

Maybe not them most romantic way to spend the day but to me nothing could have been better than having all of our family with us in such and important day. After all they too could have turned us down in favor a fancy restaurant.

This is my youngerst grandson. He is one that always stays away from me and even cries if I pick him up, but today he showed me some love by letting me hug him and kiss him.


nikkidaarling said...

Print it and FRAME it as PROOF!!! No one would ever believe you without a picture haha


Betty Flocken said...

I love the pictures. There is no better way to celebrate the patron saint of love; St. Valentine's day than with your wife, children and grand children. Glad you had such a wonderful day

Michelle said...

Thanks Daddy!

And that so cute that Juanito hugged you! LOL

Jose said...

nikkidaarling - I think I should. lol

Betty - There really wasn't a better way. We really enjoyed eachother's company.

Michelle You are welcome, and yeah, that was a first for Juanito to let me hug him and better yet to wait for the picture to be taken.

Erin said...

Okay, OMG that dinner looks fabulous!!

And I love the picture of you and your grandson... so precious!

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