Friday, March 06, 2009

And The Winner Is...

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So there is not top twelve but top thirteen. I do believe that there is plenty of talent with all these hopefuls but we all know that America already has their favorites which will not be surprising to see them go far. From the underdogs to the already popular candidates it all starts next Tuesday. Too bad I'm already hating it. I have never been a fan of Michael Jackson's music (Although Matt did great with his Michael Jackson song on Thursday).

I am glad they chose him to be the first one, I would have really hated it if they did Michael Jackson later in the competition.

However more than wanting to know who the wild cards would be, on Thursday I was waiting to see which crew would take the top honor in Randy Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew. At the beginning of last week episode I was still leaning for "Beat Freaks". This all girl group was so consistent throughout the season and actually never had to dance for their lives. They are so good that week after week they were safe.

Clearly my top choice for the title... Until "Quest Crew" danced on their last two performances and totally wowed me with the crazy moves that they come up with. One of their members plays the piano and they used his talent to put together the last performance which they aptly named "OrQuestra", On this one minute routine they pretty much convince all of us that it was them who would take the title and the money.

We all knew Dominic and Hok from a previous season on "So You Think You Can Dance", both of them are stree dancers and yet they did well on that show. Yes there were better dancers but these two guys held their own rather well. It was funny not only to see them again in a different show but to be together in the same crew. I knew at the beginning of the season that with them two in the show it wouldn't be boring and I was right.

Now we wait to see what the next season will bring as it gets harder and harder to top what Quest Crew and Jabbawokies did. And I doubt if another female groupe gets even close to "Beat Freaks", I,m telling you these girls rocked.

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