Saturday, March 07, 2009

Everybody Is a Musician

So everybody is a musician now. While the cats away the mouse will play. That was the case of my grand kids. While mom and dad went to Las Vegas they left the play station hooked up to my big TV and the kids were given total access.

So Diego took it upon himself to teach grandpa how to play. Being the smart kid that he is he lured the grandpa with a microphone. "Here grandpa, I'll play the drum set if you sing". He must know I like to sing. lol -- Of course 98% of the songs they have there I don't know them but I found "Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi and decided to give it a whirl. The song played, Diego banged (can I say bang baby) the drums and I sang my little heart out.

"I'm wanted dead or alive, I'm a cowboy on a steel horse I ride, I'm wanted dead or alive" I sounded like quite the accomplished rocker. Not bad since a rocker I'm not. Everybody knows I am a crooner, mediocre of sorts, but a crooner in my own mind. It's score time, Diego a 58 on drums, grandpa a 97 on vocals, wow I am good. Let's try another one.

He, he, he, I'm hooked. "Go up, up, up, up, stop, let's hear, naw, not that one, I don't know it, go up, up,up, there, that one I know that one press play or or bang the green drum or say open sesame, whatever it is you do but I want that one". Duran Duran, and I'm hungry like a wolf. The song plays, Diego becomes and accomplished drummer right in front of my eyes, and I sing "And I'm hungry like a wolf, Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do doooooo, hungry like a wolf". Yey, sounded good, high five mijo. Even mi chica came out as she heard the noise of a drummer and a singer in perfect harmony. Score time, so what that we kept things simple in the "Easy" level. We didn't claim to be pros. What a 75 for Diego on drums and a 100 for grandpa on vocals. Heck I think my do, do, do, dooooos must have sounded really, really good.

So, Diego has the bright idea to switch. How is it that grandpa is getting those high scores with the mic. So, he decides we will do Dead or Alive again first me on drums and then we will do it again, but we will switch. OK, I think my drumming sucked, I only got like a 58 while he was 91 on his vocals. Yeah, he bit me fair and square, he doesn't know how to read so he has to learn most of the song by ear. That my friends is talent.

Needless to say I had a great time. I am sure I'll be drafted soon by the parents to do a little singing in their grownup Rock Hero sessions.



Betty Flocken said...

Sounds like The Grand Parents had more fun than the Mom and Dad did.

Jose said...

Betty - No doubt about that. I had a blast

MrManuel said...

Rock Band - the ultimate party game!

Nikki said...

LOL. This is EXACTLY why I wont touch that stupid game. EVERYONE gets addicted!

Michelle Duckworth said...

YES! I told Diego to suck you in!!! Oh yeah... Rockband Party again soon... It's awesome... I love the drums.

And what? No video? Daaaaaaadd! Haven't I taughter you better?

Jose said...

MrManuel - It is pretty fun, isn't it?

Nikki - I think it's fun only when playing with a bunch of locos like us.

Michelle - I couldn't film and sing at the same time. We will have to do an encore.

Erin said...

LOL - I was fully expecting a video as well!! That sounds like SO much fun - we must see Diego playing drums soon :-)

Elena said...

"De musico, poeta y loco, todos tenemos un poco" dice un conocido refran. Tu y Diego ya pueden decir que son musicos y locos, ahora necesitan ser poetas. Oh perdon, tu ya eress poeta, ya estas completo, solo falta Diego. jaja

Jose said...

Erin - Man, it's like now I have to post a video by popular demand. lol

Elena - Yep, soy todo un paquete completo. Je, je, je.

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