Thursday, March 05, 2009


A lot of my family members and many of my readers are all avid amateur photographers. I for one can't go without having my camera with me for the what if there's a photo op. Pictures or in new age terms images since most of them never get printed on paper anymore are and will always be the best way to relive memories. Not even video captures as a photo camera does. It's like a camera captures and freezes the image so it can stand the test of time.

The old black and white pictures are shady, the ones with sepia tones look brownish and old, the first color pictures have turned orange, and Polaroids darkened but still the captured image is still there and when one of those pictures comes out a whole set of memories and emotions surface.

I have to laugh at the one where I am about two years old, it's an old black and white, I'm in my mother's arms, and wearing a little sailor suit. That picture hangs in one of my mom's house walls and every time I stop to see it my mom remembers that if they would put me down on the floor I would immediately start dancing. Ummm, me dancing... naw!

And how about the one where I am posing with my chopper 5-speed bicycle, or the one where mi chica sits on the grass and poses for yours truly. Yeap, memories, memories and nothing but memories.

Have you ever notice that going back to wedding pictures they can be among the goofiest pictures ever. There's the one where the priest is talking to us and my face just looks scared. Mi chica will always point that one out to me. lol She says that my face said "Oh my God, what am I getting into?" He, he, he, 28 years later I'm still trying to find out.

Yeah, pictures are the best way to remember your memories, although story telling comes a close second. I can see pictures by myself but I think it would be silly for me to tell me a story, right?

I cannot bring it here as embedding has been disabled but CLICK HERE for a good example of what pictures can do. Right now one of my favorite songs. Isn't it ironic, normally I saturate my posts with images and yet this one has none. Things that make me go hummmmm!



MrManuel said...

Yeah, pictures are great and I am enjoying taking them more and more each day.

Betty Flocken said...

Love the song; Photos, much better than videos, preserve those moments in time forever. It's a visual history of our families. While, I'll admit I take WAY too many; I think my kids are glad they have their history preserved all over the house and all on CD for them each year. :)

Jose said...

MrManuel - An I've enjoyed the pictures you have posted. Keep them coming.

Betty - I think that's a great song with a great message and the music is awesome. Now that we are in the digital era there is no such thing as too many pictures. You too keep them coming.

Erin said...

Great song! I've never heard it before, but you can bet I'll listen to it again :-)

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