Monday, March 09, 2009

Can't Wait For This

My daughter Nikki, niece Alex and I have been waiting for over a year. We somehow thought this was going to be released last year but that did not happen. Well, it's getting closer now. Only four more months.



Betty Flocken said...

I was a huge Lord of the Ring Fan but never quite got into Harry Potter! I should try renting movies

Jose said...

Nikki made me read every single book. We patiently wait for the movies to come out. After this one only one more book is left except I believe for the last one they were planning on releasing two movies in order to caputure the whole thing. I kindda agree, we'll see.

I did watch The Lord of The Rings triology but never read the book(s). For me Harry is still the fantasy movie to watch.

MrManuel said...

Blame The Dark Knight for the postponement. It made so much money, WB didn't need to release it this fiscal year. True story..

Erin said...

Wow - I so never thought of you as a Harry Potter fan!!

Gosh, I learn something new about you all the time Jose!

Jose said...

MrManuel - I am a Batman fan but this last movie was not among my favorite, despite Heath's now legendary role. An additional year is too long a wait for Harry Potter.

Erin - How funny you didn't know this becaue I have posted about Harry Potter before. Since I read all the books I patiently wait for the movies to come out and when out on DVD I buy them. I can tell you I've seen every movie more than once.

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