Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Life Is a Routine

I stare at the screen and nothing happens, I want to see letters appear and spell words but the truth is that it remains white for quite a while. There is a lot I could write about, there is always so much to tell, but I want to think of more uplifting posts, I want to write about hope, and good times, and positive vibes. Instead I come up with sort of the same thing over and over.

Does that mean my life is a routine. Yeah, it probably does, and yeah my life is a routine. That's why the immediate task at hand is to live life to the fullest. You have to think about tomorrow but realizing that tomorrow isn't here yet. Therefore live the today at hand and don't waste a minute.

Today is the day I spend the night at my mom's. I like to go there directly after work because I get the chance to stay with her longer, never mind that we both go to see her telenovela and we fall asleep. Even while catching some zzzzs we still keep each other company. The conversations we have while she is serving me some of the delicious food she cooks are priceless, and I thank God each day for letting me have her one more day.

I also visit her on Wednesday and Thursday but these two days I only stay with her for an hour or two, then it's off to my own house where I wait for my wife while playing with my grand kids.

I guess routines are not too bad after all. If I get to do the things I like and see the people I love I say keep the routines coming, the secret is in not making every day the same.



MrManuel said...

I have never thought of routine as a bad thing. As long as you are happy with the routine, nothing is wrong with that.

Betty Flocken said...

Oh Yeah! Your stories of your "routine" ARE what's uplifting, hope building and life affirming! Our routines need only be happy ones that bring us and others joy. I think our lives are made up of the routine of daily living... O.K. getting off my soap box! :) Have a great weekend.. I think, by the way, your mother is very lucky to have you for her son!

Erin said...

It sounds like your "routine" gives you some of the best memories of your family - and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that type of routine!!

Tara said...

You and I must be staring at the same screen because that is exactly how I am! :)

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