Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Take on AI

Will American Idol the king of reality shows copy and learn something from shows like America's Best Dance Crew. Well tonight they will let us know as they will have new rules as to who leaves the show. I have a feeling that it's no longer the one with the fewest votes but the one they choose maybe from the bottom three. I don't know exactly if that will be how it's going to be done but we will certainly find out tonight.

They are desperately trying to revive the show, even though it's not dead yet but to them losing a few million votes mean a lot. Did anybody notice that Ryan did not get to introduce the judges last night. And, was Paula drunk on the first show last night? As much as I like this show, I can see it disappearing pretty soon.

In the meantime here's my take on last night:

Alexis Grace, she is definitely safe and a favorite of mine.
Danny Gokey, definitely safe and already a huge favorite.
Michel Sarver, I really liked his performance and hope to see him again, he is a "huge" no pun intended underdog. lol
Kris Allen, judges go gaga over him. I don't care for him and my pick for bottom 3
Adam Lambert, Judges already have him on a pedestal and filling arenas. Me, not being a rocker don't really care for him. I must recognize he can sing.
Lil Rounds, A favorite of theirs but not of mine. She is totally safe.
Megan Corkrey, Yeap, she is kindda corkey. lol I can't get pass the ta too, you know me and tattoos on women. She'll be safe though.
Jasmine Murray, I really like her but the judges will crush her down. She may land on the bottom three too.
Anoop Desai, A big favorite of mine. Despite Simon's efforts to get him out, he'll be safe.
Allison Iraheta, probably the biggest voice this season. Will she find a following though. That remains to be seen. This week though, she'll be safe.
Scott Macintyre, Hometown guy got my vote last night. Not the best but I really hope he goes on tour.
Matt Giraud, good but too much like Justin Timberlake. Another one that will pass to next week.
Jorge Nuñez, I totally enjoyed the arrangement with a Latin flair to his song last night, but someone must go out. He'll land bottom three and I won't be surprise if he leaves. Unless the Puerto Rican community banded together and voted like crazy for him.

Will Jorge Nuñez and Michael Sarver, two big underdogs in this competition go out tonight. Remember it's a double elimination. Stay tuned, we will soon find out.


1 comment:

Erin said...

I wasn't surprised in the least that Jorge got the boot last night - I didn't even think he should have made it in the first place.... But I was a little surprised about Jasmine. You can tell she has huge potential but she just isn't showing it now, but I still thought there were people worse than her.

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