Wednesday, March 04, 2009

American Idol and Best Dance Crew

You know I am an Idol fan so I've been watching and I do have some favorites already, too bad that some of the good singers won't make it. The judges are there to praise or trash the contestants and since they already know who they want in the competition they will not praise a good performance. Often enough you'll hear something like "You are very forgettable" or "I don't know Dawg, for me that was not good".

Well for me, last night had some of the best talent and unfortunately only three will go on to be part of the top twelve, but just in this group alone there were more than three deserving contestants. I am curious to see how they'll do. I am rooting for our Scottsdale hopeful. I don't think he is the greatest but he is good and very likable. I hope he makes top 12.

My other favorite show right now is Randy Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew and this Thursday is the grand finale. It has been the best season yet and the last top two crews battled last Thursday leaving everything they got on the floor.

The all girl crew Beat Freaks is the first all girl crew that had a chance to become champions. Quest Crew has been great all season long but the girls out shinned them on occasion. I though for sure they had it until last Thursday when both their routines came up short while the guys killed it. Last week's show may have been the decisive show and I won't be surprised it the guys take it all. They were absolutely flawless. The girls on the other hand although flawless they did not come up with memorable routines.

If they win, and that is a big if, they deserve it but based on the last performance I am almost sure the guys will come up on top.

In any case, don't miss the finalle on Thursday, they will bring all ten crews one more time for a show full of awesome dancers and crazy routines. Dance did not use to be like that when I was growing up.



Betty Flocken said...

I haven't much gotten into these two shows. I'm glad our local won a couple of seasons ago. Top Chef just ended again so I'm in withdrawal and may check in on AI

Erin said...

I don't watch ADC...

As for AI - I love Lil Rounds, the guy who lost his wife, and the 16 year old with bright pink hair. One of them HAS to win!

catscratch said...

I'm thinking the toss up on Idol will be between Danny and Lil. She rocked that song and has star vibes oooozing out of her this week.

I'm really annoyed that they brought the drama-queen-pain-in-everybodys-ass back as a wild card. There were several others who were WAY more deserving. Sure she can sing, but she's a total bitch.

Jose said...

Betty - Well, another local made it to top 12 and there's a good chance he'll go to at least half ways which will probably give him a record deal since he is very likeable.

Erin - Yeah, those are safe sure bets that they'll go far unless they totally screw up the lyrics or something. I want my Scottsdale guy to go far although I know he won't win. I don't really care for the rocker dude but I do wonder how far America will carry him.

catscratch - Again I think it's safe to say your choices will go far. I thought the same thing when they unanimously voted her back in. She is so very annoying. Why, oh why did they do that. I would have liked to see the girl that sang country music last Tuesday instead. I just hope they DO NOT make her a top 12, but then again they need the vote for the worse contestant.

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