Thursday, March 26, 2009

Top 10 Post Show Predictions

What an exciting night. I really didn't know what to expect as I knew that song choice is the critical decision with this group. Smokey Robinson just could not say anything bad about the idol hopefuls and the Motown theme proved to be an exciting one. One by one the remaining ten took the stage and left their hearts there. There was only one performance that did not meet my expectations but then again I kindda knew it would go that way. So in no particular order here are my thoughts on last night's show.

Danny Gokey: Danny has a sob story and that immediately capture the heart of America and then he sang and showed us that he can sing. His is a soulful voice that so far has accommodated every genre that has been thrown at him. He performed for Smokey and received some advice. Danny decided not to take it. Ummm! I really like Danny and his singing but if you pay close attention he falls in the Taylor Hicks category, he may win but what then. Like Melinda Doolittle he will fall short in the end because they need an Idol they can sell.

Michael Sarver: Total underdog but decent singer. I don't have to be Simon to know that this guy don't stand a chance to go all the way but I thought he deserved to be in the top ten and go on tour. I really expect for him to be there next week, but tonight no doubt he'll be bottom two.

Kris Allen: This kid has had two decent weeks. I guess he is a decent singer crooked mouth and all but I don't think he has what it takes to sell millions of CDs or downloads. The judges consistently give him good reviews, he'll be back next week.

Adam Lambert: I still don't know what kind of nonsense Adam will bring to the table but I'm sure it won't be pretty. Then again, I don't think he shoots for pretty.

OK, this is what I wrote yesterday on my pre-show predictions post. Well, I guess Adam showed me that he can be different. Oh, I knew he can sing, it's just that I am not into his style of music, but in the eyes of those of us that don't like him specifically because of his style of music, last night he totally redeemed himself. Did they go for the Elvis look? I don't know but I think it worked. He'll be around for weeks to come.

Lil Rounds: I remember when Melinda Doolittle was on Idol I had to go back and watch her performance one more time. I always thought she is that good and called her the Queen without a crown. Lil Rounds does not even spark half the interest I had in Melinda. She has received too much air time and attention but if you asked me last night she yelled the song. Last night should have been a fan clinching performance but unfortunately it wasn't. Oh, America will keep her but I think her days too are numbered.

Megan Corkrey: My wife came out of hiding just to see who was singing so aweful. Megan over Alexis? That just did not and still not makes sense. Does she really have no dancing rhytm at all? Not only should she be bottom two but she needs to go.

Anoop Desai: All I can say is that I am a fan. He is actually an underdog with a chance to go far. I mean after all how many Indian/American singers you hear on the radio. Anoop is actually likable and homey can sing. I love it when Ryan asks him if he thinks he can go all the way. He always replies, "Of course, otherwise I wouldn't be here". Anoop really needs to make it to top 5.

Allison Iraheta: Oh man, this girl at the tender age of 16 can probably out sing the whole bunch. Last night she proved again just how good a singer she is. This morning the Country Music station I listen to repeated her performance as they all agreed how good she sounded. Why is she not getting a bigger fan base is beyond me. Last week she was bottom three and her reaction was exactly like mine... What???

Scott MacIntyre: I am just happy he has made it this far and I am hoping he will be back next week. No, I don't think he'll win, I don't think he has a real chance but the further he goes the best his future chances for a recording deal. Last night he gave me the impression of being a sort of Barry Manilow type of performer, and I liked it. I would have never noticed they dressed him in pink last night, and to tell you the truth now I know he wore pink I don't care. But, come on the AI staff can do better than that. Scott said he didn't know he was in pink until a few minutes before the performance.

Matt Giraud: Last night Matt sang his heart out and got great reviews but by the end of the show I had forgotten about him. Yet, I think he is placing himself upon the top contestants for this season. I think he will definitely be back next week.

Well, there you have it. So far I am not set on a favorite. Last season I rooted for Archuleta up unitl the last two shows and then totally shifted for D. Cook. This year for me it's still any body's game.



MrManuel said...

You know my views on Idol so I have nothing to say, but since I stopped by anyways, I'll just say, have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

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