Sunday, April 26, 2009

On The Way Back To Phoenix

Monday we left California at an early hour, 45 minutes into our trip back to Phoenix we stopped at our favorite fast food restaurant Gus Jr's in Loma Linda. They have like a one hundred plus item menu but I only order one thing, a pastrami. Mi chica drove with me for all the way to Palm Spring with the top down. Since Michelle and Junior had never been, we took the detour and stopped at the Aerial Tram and then we cruised through Palm Springs. Unfortunately it gotta very hot so mi chica went into the van while Michelle rode with me.

Mi chica and I enjoying the drive on our way to Palm Springs, California.

A few minutes later, we stopped at a gas station to check the fluid levels and then Junior offered to drive the Mustang with Michelle while we rode in the air conditioned and way more comfortable van. I pretty much ordered them to put top up because it was very hot. Next stop Chiriaco Summit, ice cream and pictures there for a 35 minute pit stop.

Before long we were at Quartzite. We always stop at the Luv's Truck stop. We were hungry so we ate some Subway sandwiches there. After another 35 to 40 minutes we hit the road again. We were doing great, I was in front with Junior and Michelle in tow, I was not exceeding 75 miles per hour. Then the following happened in the next minutes:

There is a slow truck on the road.
A Scion shoe box is behind it
Then me
And behind me Junior and Michelle
Scion moves left to pass truck
I move left to pass truck
Junior moves left to pass truck
Scion passes truck and merges right
I pass truck and decide to get in front of slower moving Scion
Junior still behind me
Before I pass Scion I spot a highway patrol cruiser hiding in the median.
Half his car stick out and touches the tar in the highway.
Calmly I pass Scion and merge right still doing about 75 miles per hour
Junior the spots police cruiser, speeds up and squeezes between me and Scion
Cruiser starts moving and driving in left lane
One minute later cruiser positions himself directly behind Junior
Light show begins immediately as all cruiser lights are on
I pull to left and park on shoulder
Junior pulls to the left and doesn't stop until he is pretty close to me
Blah, blah, blah, for the next ten minutes (Feel like an eternity)
We stay put in the van knowing that cops don't appreciate intruders.
Cop comes over and invites me to the party.
Runs my licence too.
Proceeds to tell me junior is driving my car with a suspended licence.
What?????? Why officer I had no idea.
Officer totally polite throughout the whole thing. Sucker know he will ticket us no matter what.
Decides to be nice and won't impound my car for 30 days. Hmmm, that is good news indeed.
Tells Junior the only reason he stopped them was because he drove too close to us. (Yea right, two young kids in a hot Mustang = must pull you fools).
(Oh, it's my story so I can say my Mustang is a hot Mustang. lol)
Notifies him he must keep his driving licence until he gets things in order.
Tells me I must drive the rest of the way, Junior now a passenger in the van while Sylvia drives chaperoned by Junior. Remember mi chica can't drive because of the medication but can drive if she is chaperoned.
I pull top down, and enjoy the next hour and a half left in the trip.
Didn't I mentioned before that in our case the actual drive is part of the whole experience.

And all this wouldn't have happened if the officer wouldn't have had his cruiser parked in the median with his nose sticking out. The only reason we merged right so fast to get out of his way was for pure cortesy.

On other news, my sister and her husband invited us to have dinner with them at their house on Saturday. Tacos de Lengua was the menu, she knew it's one of my favorite meals so I kindda starved myself all day so I could pig out at night. Ummmmm, they did not disappoint. Then to wash it all down a dessert with caramelized bananas and ice cream. If you ask me that was a total winning combination. Thanks sis and Alfred for the invite. Both mi chica and I enjoyed it.



Erin said...

What a little adventure you had!!

How can they possibly impound your car when he was the one that had the suspended license? That doesn't make sense!!

Here, they just give you a ticket and make you call someone else to pick up the car. I even got caught without a registered car and they let me keep driving it from where I was at.

I don't think I want to be stopped in Arizona :-)

Jose said...

Erin - Here they will impound your car and they'll keep it for 30 days at the rate of $15.00 per day.

Michelle Duckworth said...

Haha... love the story. I didn't write it on my blog because I thought it would take me too long to tell the story... but you did great! LOL.

Yup adventure for sure!

Jose said...

michelle - Was I pretty accurate? Wasn't that ticket cop caused?
We are innocent! lol

amy said...

That is an adventure..Although nI know you do have a good time with your wifey poo!

Jose said...

amy - Yeap!

MrManuel said...

That's a bummer, but at least he didn't impound it. That would have sucked...

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