Wednesday, May 27, 2009

T-ball and The Duck

What? It's already Wednesday. I love me holiday weeks, they go by so fast, too bad they are so few and far. If it was up to me everyday would be a holiday. OK, that was a little too over the top, but I just got a little carried away. lol Of course I don't want everyday to be a holiday what would be the point of that?

I holiday is what you make of it. Take today for instance. Today is Wednesday and it should be just a plain Wednesday, althugh Wednesday always marks the middle of the workweek so it's never plain. Anyway what will make today special is that my 5-year old grandson "Ducky" will play his first T-ball game ever. Now if that is not the kind of event that makes a holiday what is?

I hear he has been practicing for a few weeks so I am really looking forward to catching today's game. T-ball games are the funiest, the kids really put on a great show as they run to the wrong base and still get excited, or crying because they couldn't hit the ball, or being happy because they did, I'm telling you these games will be the most memorable as they start developing their skills.

Although it won't quite be like "The Sand Lot" or "The Bad News Bears" tonight should be our little version of "Fields of Dreams".

I am hoping there will be some pictures to share, we'll see. Just make sure to check back again tomorrow.

There is my "Ducky" warming up for practice. Look at him he can almost do a full split.
Image borrowed from Nikki's blog.



Michelle said...

Ducky is 4!!! Dad you're bad at this age thing... didn't you just think Alayna was 6? Ay yay yay!

Too bad the game was cancelled. I really wanted to go!

Jose said...

Je, je I just make numbers as I go along. But I try to stay within a year or so. Except with mi chica, I know she is 29.

Betty F said...

That's a well thought out on your wife's age! Well done

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