Thursday, June 11, 2009

Two Had to Go

I knew it was going to be hard, all 20 dancers were magnificent last night but at the end of tonight's show two would be going home. The question was which two, I really thought it was going to be Azuka and Vitolio as they did not impressed the judges last night even though they did good with what they were given. Broadway has not been my favorite anyway. Karla and Johnathan were praised by the judges but in the end after one great performance after another theirs was kindda forgettable. Tony and Paris also dance good but were pretty much out danced by many other couples.

So when Cat picked them out of the 20 I was not surprised. Still they had to dance for their lives and prove why they should remain on the competition. In the end and apparently as a unanimous decision the it was announced that Paris would be the girl to leave, then shortly after the montage of her best moments while on the show they announced that Tony would be the one, this after also saying that the other bottom two dancers did not impress them much either.

I had a feeling that a couple would be leaving as opposed to braking two couples. I was right. As the dancers go deeper into the competition they also gain confidence and experience, if competition was that fierce last night I can only imagine what is to come and it only promises to get better as it go.


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MrManuel said...

I got nothing. Have a good weekend senor!

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