Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Grill

It may be old looking but boy is it still cooking.

We had "carne asada" get together a couple of weeks ago during Memorial Day Weekend and basically had a great time, swimming and eating. My son, my two daughters, their spouses and all my seven grand kids were here with us and that made it for a fantastic time.

However, I hear my trusty free barbecue grill (I think my sister in law brought it to us)is not too fantastic looking any more. "Baby, we were looking at the pictures in your post and and your barbecue grill looks pretty sad" is what mi chica told me.

But the truth is that it still serves it's purpose, and the meat cooked over the charcoal is delicious. So, even if pretty soon (yes, we are looking) I get me a nicer newer gas burning model I won't be discontinuing this one yet, pack rat in me won't let me do it. Just call it my vintage barbecue grill.

So, if you guys have been following for a long time then you'll remember that my very first blog was about how the girls in my life were throwing a huge Hawaiian Luau for us fathers (Remember about it here). Well they are going to do it again and this Sunday they will throw another Hawaiian Luau for us dads again. Since it's a pool party and carne asada will be the menu I know it's going to be another fantastic time. I'll tell you all about it on Sunday or Monday but in the meantime read about those two posts from a couple of year ago.

Also CLICK HERE for the recap of said event.

Also yesterday was my blog's three year anniversary. After 631 posts and 50965 hits I am still around and enjoying bringing my boring stories, and tidbits, and bunch of etceteras to you my few loyal readers, OK I thought I had two readers but I have double that amount. Life if good and blogging still flows freely through my veins. So you are stuck with me for hopefully another year at least.



ChrisJ said...

How can you have seven grand kids? You don't look old enough for one.
The steaks look good.

Do you know the way to get more visitors? Just comment on other people's blogs and then they will come and visit you -- and perhaps make a comment.

Tara said...

I agree with ChrisJ!

Looking forward to another year!

MrManuel said...

BBQ carne asada sounds like a perfect way to celebrate a blogaversary! Congrats senor!

Michelle said...

I like the way the meat tastes off of that grill! Mmmm! So I can't wait until Sunday... I can taste it already.

And happy blogiversary!

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