Monday, June 08, 2009

Alayna's Recital

Alayna Danae's dance recital. June 6, 2009

Saturday my grand daughter had her very first dance recital, we thought she was going to freeze as the event took place at a high school auditorium and it was pretty packed but to our surprise she actually did very good and the girl next to her is the one that froze. It was all very cute and I enjoyed every minute of it.

To see what I mean just CLICK HERE for my daughter's post and make sure to watch the little video she posted.



Wanda said...

What a living doll, Alayna is!!

Proud, proud Grandpa Jose... :)

MrManuel said...

She is so cute. What a fun time!

Erin said...


I went to my friend's kids 1st dance recital too, lol... it was cool! It makes me really want a little girl - especially one as cute as your granddaughter!!

Anonymous said...

I saw the video.. She's a doll. Love the photos. Michelle is so talented.

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