Thursday, June 11, 2009

SYTYCD -- Top 20

First show of the season and I was not disappointed at all. From the first routine to the tenth one after the other all ten couples showed their stuff and let me tell ya it has all the right ingredients for a super exciting season.

I really like the judges comments and what would that show be without Mary Murphy screaming, on Idol the contestants wait for Simon's comment as if the other two don't really matter, in SYTYCD they wait for that awful but at the same time lovable scream, you know the louder the scream the happier the receiving couple will be.

As for Cat Deeley I guess after three seasons with her on the show I finally got past the British accent and finally warmed up to her. I still don't think she is all that but I'm OK with her.

So, based on what I saw last night I think the season will be really good. It's still too soon for me to pick favorites as I really liked all the routines and the pairings were right on but I will tell you that my favorite routine of the night was the one by Caitlin and Jason, I truly enjoyed it from beginning to end.

It will be interesting to see who got the least votes last night but more interesting to see if one couple leaves or two are broken. For those of you that don't watch this show you are really missing out.

Caitlin and Jason
This was my favorite couple for the night. Their performance was H O T!



Betty F said...

Alayna will be on the show soon!

Jose said...

Oh, my little tiny dancer. She will be good too. lol

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