Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Top Eight

It doesn't matter who leaves tomorrow I am still going to hate it. No, not the show, but the fact that two of these very talented dancers will be going home. The truth is that as much as the judges tried to set some apart from the rest it was really hard to come up and say anything negative about the performances. If one said something bad, the other would totally go against his/her point of view.

This season has not developed favorites, I honestly think that people have been voting purely based on their performances, this has not come across as a popularity contest but as a dance competition that has been equally fair to all.

With the exception of Caitlin all my favorites are still in the competition, and my absolute favorite continues to get rave reviews and comments.

The addition of a guest "jidge" namely Ellen DeGeneres was a clever idea. She brought life and humor to the show at a time when understandably so the participants have to be pretty stressed out, not to mention tired from the daily rigors of their schedules. She was very funny without sounding stupid or pretending she was a bona fide dance judge.

Well, tomorrow is the 100th show and they are planning something big to celebrate. Definitely one that should not be missed. Good luck to all dancers, all eight are absolutely awesome.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Ellen Fan - She can really dance too so I'll be she's a great judge.. My favorite (one of them) is on for another season... Hells Kitchen!

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