Monday, July 20, 2009

Ummm Ceviche!

My niece invited us to dinner on Friday and she surprised us with a huge bowl of ceviche. I had not eaten ceviche for quite a while so I was up to the task. To go with it she had a green salsa that was nothing but raw peppers, may I add it was delicious.

Ceviche is better served in tostadas so that's how we ate it. I had three tostadas and was pretty much stuffed by the end of the third one. A glass of red wine somehow complemented the tostadas really good and to top it all off they offered us some fresh baked brownies and a bowl of watermelon.

It was a nice afternoon complete with some pretty good conversation. It was the first time we went to their new place and we were pleasantly surprised to find out they are practically our neighbours. They are only about 5 minutes away from us.

Thanks guys for having us and treating us to such wonderful afternoon.

And this is how an empty ceviche bowl looks like after being attacked by hungry tostada eaters.



Elena said...

Hmm, tostadas de ceviche y yo no comi, bueno me conformare con la descripcion que das.

Michelle said...

I don't like ceviche but glad you had fun!

MrManuel said...

You know, I have never been big on ceviche. That is a nice way of saying I hate it. My dad loves it though!

Anonymous said...

What is Ceviche? LOL Sounds like you had a wonderful time

kika said...

that looked good

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