Friday, July 17, 2009


It is Friday once again
The days go by too fast
I sometimes regret the days wasted
And wonder of the ones to come.
Why is time so darn important
After all we are not being charged
Because time is a hot commodity
That once gone it won't come back
So waste your time on trivial things
Or make you time a petty life
Or use it to your best advantage
And always use it as if it the last
For time is the equalizer
Time is what makes you wise
Time is what you think you have a lot of
And then realize it's not enough
So now we reach another weekend
I will make it a good time
Time to be spent with my family
A family that grows with time
Think of time as the great companion
Because time will not leave you behind
Hand in hand into the future
A future that will come in time.



Tara said...

Very well done Jose!

Jose said...

Thank you Tara!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post today Jose! You are quite the poet! and how true; but no day is wasted, even at work if you laugh once during the day :)

Jose said...

Betty, I definitely do that more than once a day.

Wanda said...

The many talents.....of Jose.

This was excellent, Jose....

Elena said...

Dime la verdad, a quien se lo pirateaste, si de verdad es tuyo, te mandaste. Exelente!

ChrisJ said...

Wow! I didn't know you wrote poetry. This is beautiful!

Jose said...

LOL Chris I am not a poet, I just write a bunch of one liners and put thmem together.

Elena - Cuando escribo estos versitos los escribo mas rapido que un post regular. No sabia de que escribir asi es que de volada escribi esto para salir del atolladero y poner algo en el blog. Despues lo mando a mi coleccion en Melodrama.

Elena said...

That's my boy, yey

kika said...

nice and very creative

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