Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday Tidbits

Ah, to be young. My daughter Nikki and I are Harry Potter fans, we have read all the books and therefore watched all the movies and when they come out on DVD I buy them too. It is safe to say I've seen each movie more than once. Well we've been waiting for the new movie to come out for a year now as you may or may not know it was delayed. My daughter and I were supposed to go on opening day but for the second time she dumps me and takes her husband and my niece to watch it on the midnight showing. I called her to say hi at about seven and she told me they were in line at the theater to get in.

Crazy I say. I called her again at about 9:30 pm and they were already inside and have gotten good seats. My other niece and her friends joined them too. And the movie is still about two hours and a half away. Did I say I think that's crazy?

I have not talked to her this morning but I know she is going to be draggin'. Harry Potter movies usually run over two hours long so I'm thinking they finally got home close to 3:00 am. Oh, and when I go see it this or next weekend, they'll probably come again too. They always do, sort of a tradition of ours.


My niece Becca is visiting from Calfornia and I have yet to see her. Tuesday is my day to stay with my mom so I won't be home until tonight. Becca can drive and has her own car but she rather rode the Greyhound than drive by herself. She'll be here until Saturday morning and then off she goes. Welcome to Arizona Becca, I hope you have fun here... What am I saying, I know you will, you guys probably already started having fun as soon as you got here.


For those of you that watch So You Think You Can Dance (not you SeƱor Manuel) tonight the top 10 take the stage and will have to spill all their guts on it. Out of the ten there is no weak dancer. Evan and Randi will or will not create a disadvantage due to being shorter than the rest but in dancing you never know what will happen. All I can say is I can't wait to see tonight's performances.



Anonymous said...

hi... just dropping by!

MrManuel said...

We saw Potter yesterday. Loved it as usual!

kika said...

oh yes, this has been the talk of 2 years with countdowns and everything!

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