Sunday, November 08, 2009

Proyecto Dos - The Living and Dining Room

After Diego and I finished with our chicken soup deliveries and came back home I started with the task of cleaning and redecorating the living room. After cleaning the den last week we had pushed a lot of stuff in there so now was the time to clean up some of the mess we left.

Yep, it was a room ready to be de-cluttered.

Step number one, start pushing stuff into the office now. Then sweep and mop and wait until the floor dries. I left the sofas in the same place they were and pushed the big (my 62" screen) TV and placed it where the entertainment center used to be. Basically these two simple steps finished the heavy moving.

Last June my daughter Nikki got her bachelors in Graphic Design and for her Portfolio Review she had three big boards displaying a lot of her work. As always at the end of the day I got to keep them and her question was, what and or where are you putting this? Well, just take a look as one of the three boards has found it's new home. Ten years without hanging any pictures in the house and now this. Heck, I need to hang pictures that have meaning to me and or the family and I think this qualified just right.

One of three boards from Nikki's portfolio.

Opposite to Nikki's work, I hung the two frames with Wanda's artwork. Yes, the Wolf and the lion, and the rose found a place of their own too. I actually think the two frames were perfect for that little corner. A touchtronic torchiere and some green stuff completed the look. Now if I could just finish painting around the motion sensor it would actually look a lot better.

This corner really came out great.

This is pretty much the final look.

Last but not least mi chica gave the dinning area the look it needed to complement the livingroom. Now we have a cozy place to enjoy our Thanksgiving in two weeks.

Here are a few more pics. Let me know what you think.



Nikki said...

Other than the fact that all the couches in your casa are in need of serious upgrading (aka replacements lol) I love it all! Feels like the house circa ten years ago...pre littles running around!

Michelle said...

Me likey!!! Now make it christmasy!

melo-duckworthoriginalz said...

Michelle - After Thanksgiving I'll attempt to make it look Christmasy. I am not good at seasonal decorationg. You my dear child may just be hired for the task.

Jose said...

OK back to being me. lol

Wanda said...

Jose, your home glows with warm and love. I can just feeling comfortable kicking off my shoes, snuggling up on your couch and loving a chat with you and Sylvia.

Thanks for letting a piece of me hang on your walls.


Chely said...

Michelle - Christmasy??? No! I'm enjoying your mom's Thanksgiving table first. Don't go too fast!

Dear Brother - Your redecorating looks nice. And the Artwork on your walls are bringing your living areas to life. But you know what I like the most? That now we get to have a BIGGER TV for our next Karaoke get together!=D

Elena said...

Me gusta mucho, espero apreciarlo tan pronto como el sabado en tu exivicion de fotos en persona.

ChrisJ said...

Beautifully done for a beautiful family. You have such good taste!

MrManuel said...

It looks great! It isn't my style, but it looks awesome!

Betty F said...

It's all so beautiful! I can't wait till Saturday!

Andry said...

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