Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I told my friend Wanda that I would try playing the ABC Wednesday game and since they are starting with the letter "A" here's my entry. I have never played it before so hopefully I will get better as I go.

My first entry will be the letter "A":


Heaven needed one more Angel and so did we. For the first time ever our Christmas tree was topped with this pretty Christmas Angel. For many years we had used this funny looking shinny gold star.

You will always be our Angel
In the morning or late at night
Spreading us with all your wisdom
Guiding as my shiny star
Yes, we miss your glowing presence
Yes, we miss you are not with us
Yet we accept that in God's glory
You will always be in our hears.

To see other participants in ABC Wednesday, check our mrsnesbitt's space. Maybe you'd like to join this year and post your ABC pictures.



Nikki said...

Awesome start :D
I think I may do this as well!

Chely said...

I agree. Great Start!

Hmmm, I took a quick peek at this ABC Wednesday but I think I'll follow you first for a while.

Looking forward to see what ideas you come up with.=)

ChrisJ said...

She was your sweet angel, Jose. I have joined ABC Wednesday also.

catscratch said...


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