Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Another excerpt from "Life's a Dance"

I truly believe that you are the director of your orchestra and the choreographer of your dance. God created our destiny and showed us the path to find it, but he didn’t make it easy for us, he placed many detours and gave us the ability to make choices, it is then up to us to make the right choices, and to learn from those times when we didn’t make them. I love music so to me life’s a dance, but the same principle can be applied to fit your profile, what if you don’t like music but like sports instead. Then you can say that life’s a sport. It doesn’t matter what you chose.

Going back to what I said before about MTV or what Chris Rock talked about in his stand up routine about Rap Music, if you say to me that it doesn’t really make a difference that such shows or such music doesn’t influence the way our new generation think, that’s ok, I used to say the same thing to my parents about my music but the bottom line is this; it doesn’t help to live in denial. TV creates our role models more than real life itself, and we will follow their examples. I remember when the movie “The Fast and the Furious” came out, I was wondering if it was any good and my son had just seen it the previous weekend. I still remember his comment “Dad, the movie is good, but if you want to go see it go during the week when less kids go see it because when they leave the theatre they think they are speed racers and they start burning tires and driving crazy”. It wasn’t any different back in my days either, I remember one night my brother in law and I went to see a movie called “Against all odds”, in this movie there is a scene where these two guys race on the streets from West L.A. to Hollywood, one of them drove a Porsche 911 and the other a Ferrari. On the drive back home as we were driving through China Town at around 11:00 p.m. these guys in a Cougar started revving up the engine while at a red light, and my brother in law was not going to shy away from these fools, after all he had just bought his Camaro Z28 with a five speed manual transmission and a V8 under the hood. So yes we got to relive the scene from the movie ourselves and I thought I was going to shit in my pants every time I saw a red light approaching and my brother in law would not even slow down. Oh but TV and movies do not influence us… yeah right!

Yes, we let ourselves be influenced by the media, but it is ultimately up to us to make the choice, which requires our exercise of judgment. Life’s a dance you learn as you go, most dancers realize that you don’t need a huge hall or a discotheque to dance, it doesn’t matter where you dance because the pleasure is in the dance itself, so if you learn how to dance you will dance anywhere. Live by this and you will always enjoy the dance even if you have no rhythm.

Look for the good
Some of us may be undergoing great hardships. But no life is so difficult that it cannot be made better by improving our attitude. No matter how dire the circumstances, if you look for some good, you will find it. But how can we find anything good if we occupy our time complaining? The rule to remember is that we are certain to find what we look for. If we search for good, we will find it. If we search for something to complain about, we will surely find it. Choose to search for good. And choose to believe something good can and will happen. Choose to live with hope, rather than despair. Don’t be a dope. Learn to cope. Live with hope.

I of course didn’t write that, but I couldn’t have said it better myself. When it comes to choices it is our duty to search for the good things, and to cope when things don’t go our way.

Unfortunately my not so rookie is undergoing great hardships, and I truly hope that in the middle of all this he can find some good so that soon he can cope with what’s ahead. I wish he’ll search deep and far into his soul so that he too can believe that something good can and will happen and to keep a good attitude and actually improve it because now the outcome of his children depend on it. He has the greatest support a man will ever need and that is the support of his family.




Kansas Bob said...

My life changed when I started making choices with my heart instead of my head. It was so difficult to change because I had lived so long from my head. But once I began it felt so good to live an integrated and transparent life.. not that I have it all figured out.. I got a long ways to go.. but I am enjoying the ride :)

Jenny from the Blog said...

You are so great with your words Joe. This is what I say all the time. Choose. If it's a bad choice, choose again. Repeat. Love you!

Michelle said...

I like this: Don’t be a dope. Learn to cope. Live with hope.

But I fully agree... I also hope that he makes good choices.

Wanda said...

Jose, again I think your journey through your grief is so inspiring to us all.

Choices... yes we make them every day..and as Kansas Bob, a dear man has said...from the heart, not the head.

I try to make those kinds of choices daily.

catscratch said...

See, now this post is what I came here to get... INSPIRED.

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