Monday, January 18, 2010

Food and I

Today I came home extremely hungry again, all I had for lunch was a canned Campbell's chicken soup I bought at the store. So, as soon as I stepped into the house I headed for the kitchen.

My refrigerator is nearly empty because I only eat here on Monday and Friday, the weekend doesn't count because my daughter's come here and they either bring food or we go and get what we need. Anyway, I did find two tomatoes, onions, hot jalapeño peppers, cilantro, and a pack of sirloin steaks. This to me had the makings of a good meal.

So, I put them to defrost, and while I waited I made a salsa with the tomatoes and stuff I found. Now I can make a mean salsa so today was not the exception. Steaks were defrosted so I put them in the pan and started to cook them. I let them get brown and crispy but not burned and then I added the salsa and let it boil.

Oh yeah, a little salt, a little, paprica, and some oregano...

The end result was pure tasty heaven. Living with a woman that was a master in the kitchen something was bound to rub off. Mi chica would be proud not doubt about that. Last week I made some huevos con chorizo and I didn't throw away the oil/grease from that day so I put it into another pan and then re fry half a can of beans I had.

The end result not only looked good but tasted good too.

Now, be honest and tell me this doesn't look delicious.

I had enough to pack me a lunch for tomorrow. I am covered and I won't go hungry anytime soon. Tomorrow my mom will send me off with home made burritos for Wednesday except I will be going to Z-Tejas on Wednesday with a trucking company rep. That meas that the burritos will probably last me one for Thursday and the other for Friday. Wow, food has a way of finding me so easily.

I must not have liked it.

Ummmmmm que rico!



kika said...

lol!! good job good job

my word verification was "dascul". exactly thats cool!!!

Nikki said...

Awww its only one place setting! We MUST change that! You WILL invite me and cook TWO meals next time! That way its not a lonely place setting anymore :D

And remember, you'll cook ;D


Elena said...

Que mal te tratas!!!
Despues de esta cena no te queda otra mas que ir a caminar por que si no te vas a indigestar, toma un paraguas y ve.

ChrisJ said...

It looks and sounds delicious! I've eaten this evening but this makes me feel hungry again!

Chely said...

There is so much that you can do with; a tomato, cilantro, onions & jalapeno peppers.

I thought you were going to sautéed them all and cook them with the steak. But the way you did it, sounds delicious as well!

Will you cook for me when I get there or will you butter me up so that I can cook for you?=/

Crystal said...

This made me so hungry

Thanks alot Tio!

Wanda said...

Jose, you know how I feel about the kitchen...and how I am always taking pictures of our food...but this was so fun to see your kitchen, your pots and pans, and your final festive plate of delcious food.

If you keep this up, there could be a line of us at your door every night!!!

Love and Hugs to the Chef

Michelle said...

I love your food posts. LOL And how your plate is always clean at the end...

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