Friday, March 19, 2010


Isn't she lovely?

Oh yes, today is the day. My little numero ocho should be here soon. I just got word from my son that they just got to the hospital, ummmm I wonder is they made a pit stop to stop for some food, that seems to be popular with him. "What? Me,having a kid on an empty stomach, never!" of course that was Juan talking and not Jennifer. lol

So I'll be doing this post in pieces and bits so make sure to catch up with any addendum to it, for now suffice to say that I am overjoyed to know that my grandson is almost here. Oh and by the way I believe if it's a boy he will have my name... I think! So I am crossing my fingers and cheering for a boy, je je je but if it's a girl I'll thank God just the same, after all it is the girls that are my little magnets.

Two of my three crock pots.

From where you are baby, I know your hand will be there holding Jeniffer's legs and telling her to push and breathe and push again. Send your blessing to us and pray all goes smoothly as in the previous times. We miss you but I know you are with us.

Ja,ja, ja, I was right they stopped to eat at a restaurant before checking in. I left the house at around 11:00 am and almost made it to the hospital when I realized I too was starving so I stopped at a McDonalds and got me a Fillet-O-Fish, and a coffee. When I finally got to the hospital Linda and Fred were already there. Kika showed up half an hour later and so we all went to the cafeteria to eat.

There were no delivery rooms available so we were in this small but cozy room waiting, and waiting, and waiting, finally hours later two rooms became available, so we all went to this room which happened to be the very same room where Juanito was born. Linda right away said, "Yes, indeed Sylvia is with us today". So how cool is that Juanito and "Little Joe" (je, je, je, I'll call him that, you all can call him Ramon) were born in the same room.

Kika stepped up to the plate and did exactly what Sylvia would have done. I believe she said it was an experience for her too. When we were finally allowed to come back into the room we just took that opportunity to introduce ourselves to the new little bundle of joy whom by the way is a mini Brianna/Juanito. These kids cannot deny eachother, they all look alike.

Calm and collected she waited for the moment when "Little Joe" would come.

Waiting is for the birds, we'll just text the whole world in the meantime.

I was going to say the happy couple but Juan's face...

World may I present to you my grandson Ramon Jose Melo. "Little Joe" the world.

Grandpa, "Little Joe", and daddy.

The other grandpa, the better looking grandpa, "Little Joe", and daddy again.

Hi tia Kika, thanks for helping my momma.

Tia Kika, grandma Linda, and "Little Joe".

Tia Kika and "Little Joe".

Hello son!



Chely said...

I was smiling through your entire post, until I got to the end. Your request for your Chica's presence brought me to tears. Good Tears=)

I'll be checking back periodicly!

Nikki said...

Me too dad... Trying to hold it in while in line at subway is NOT easy!

Can't wait to see how she's there for me come June :).

Jen! Jen! Jen!

Wanda said...

Yes Jose, smiles and tears mingled together.

How I can feel the emotions right though the screen.

You have such lovely children. What a your "crock pots".

Love and Hugs dear friend...can't wait to hear about little "Jose"

Chely said...

I'm Back!

I love all the pictures and the captions. But the last picture is definitely special.

"3 Generations"=)

Michelle said...

I love the pictures. I can't wait to meet him. My mom would be over the moon about another grandson... you know she loves those boys. My favorite pic is still the one on you, Fred, and Juan with "little Joe".

Nikki said...

Loool little Joe y su familia....

Tia Kika said...

Thank you for allowing me to be part of these special moments. I'm preparing for when I start to witness my children having their own babies. Of course this will not be until I'm gray and old haha!

Anonymous said...

Oh Joe!! Little Joe is adorable. I love the photo with three generations. Everyone looks wonderful. Congratulations!! I love his name.
Crying over here in Buckeye!

Sandy said...

I went looking for this post and had fun reading it and seeing that you got a new grandson. This was the scene in our delivery room a few days ago, everybody is texting while waiting...ha.a

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