Saturday, March 20, 2010

What a Saturday!

Ah, my FatBoy is so ready to hit the road with his master.

Well, the FatBoy still did not make it to the shop but it's getting closer. Maybe by Monday at the latest it should be on it's way to being road worthy again. Too many cool rides coming up, bike nights are just popping up everywhere and I am so itching to ride.

So this morning as a warm up we drove to Arrowhead Harley Davidson just to window shop and dream a little. It is my hobby to try for size all the bikes I like but in the end I opt that my 94 FatBoy is still a great looking bike.

We got hungry so a quick stop at Hooters for hot wings was required. My oh my, what great looking wings (wink, wink) yep, can't eat just one. Spring training has started so there was a lot of traffic and add to that an Chili Cook off at Arrowhead HD and yes, there was plenty so see. But did I mentioned what great looking wings they had there?

Here's the proper way on how to eat wings, sauce all over the cheeks.

When I returned home my youngest daughter was here and she volunteer for us to go out and do something. But first I had to take a nap. lol Couple of hours and a shower later we were on our way. I chose to go to Target as I needed some things and we just totally made an outing out of it.

Nikki just being... well Nikki.

We came back home and we were on our lap tops listening to music and what not, when I decided I was hungry. Technology being as advance as it is I sent her a Facebook comment asking her if she was hungry, never mind she was only four feet away from me. She quickly replied and in a matter of minutes we were on our way. There's this place that has the best tortas around and if I was not going to have tacos it had to be those tortas. I opted for a torta de milanesa, she opted for the same except while mine was beef hers was chicken. I'm telling you these tortas are to die for. To wash them down they also sell the best aguas frescas I had a fruit punch and Nikki the melon flavor, both ummm ummm good.

So I had my cheese smile and she said it looked creepy. Ummm I just don't see it. lol

After that we said goodbye and were on our way home. What a nice Saturday filled with family and friends time.



ChrisJ said...

What better way to fill a Saturday than with family and friends. I've been trying to fix my husband's laptop -- to no avail. Guess we're going to have to get help. Mine was a frustrating Saturday and I had a toothache to boot!

Jose said...

Oh no Chris, no lap top and a toothache, that's no bueno. Hope things change for you today. (((hugs))).

Wanda said...

Family and friends and I love your cheese smile.

MrManuel said...

Well hey, that sounds like a GREAT Saturday. By the way, Jess and I talk to each other on Facebook when we are sitting on the same sofa so you are in good company.

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