Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just Bare With Me

I know I have been absent from blogging, trust me it's not laziness as many times I open up the page but when I stare at the text square my mind is blank. I continue to do the things I love and family gatherings happen almost every weekend but then again what else is new. Exactly, nothing is new and that is just the point, life kindda becomes a routine where friends and family almost predict what the next move is going to be. I found out today that I am that predictable and it got me thinking that something has to change.

Realizing that 50 isn't really old is cool then bam all of a sudden you think darn I am 50 and that isn't really young either. I have my beard which actually has been with me almost like forever, OK that is an exaggeration, but at least since I was sixteen or so. I can count with one hand the times I shaved it. Now the mustache is another thing I think that one only came off once many moons ago and quickly found it's way out and stay there forever. So why I am talking about this nonsense of beards and mustaches, well my mom seems to think if I take it off I would look so much younger. I just laughed and asked her, "Mama, what for?". Then again she has been asking me since I was 30 years old or so. She just doesn't give up. I keep hearing that 50 is just a number, a state of mind, but darn it, it's getting heavy.

Well, I know I still have a young mind, how can I not when I am surrounded by nothing but youth. My kids, my grand kids, my friends. So I will continue to do what I do best which is adapt to the environment around me, and absorb as much as I can so that I don't fall in the trap of not knowing what in the heck they are talking about. You gotta keep up with their lingo, their codes, their everything.

A long time ago I was asked this question: "Why are you getting married so young", and I remember answering that I really wanted to be able to meet and play with my grandchildren. Well, that wish was fulfilled seven fold and three on the way. By the way, God willing this coming Friday grand kid numero ocho will be among us. My daughter in law is going to be induced and I can't wait to meet this little new bundle of joy.

So, please bare with me during this period of adaptation, in the meantime I continue to be involved in the choir that by the way is keeping me very busy. Although very fulfilling it is such a huge commitment and it seems we will be very busy over the next couple of weeks. I promise if I find my way to the computer I may try to go beyond just staring at the text block and actually write something.



Wanda said...

An man in transition.

You have been so gracious and insightful in this new journey without your darling.

I have learned so much from you in your posts, your insights, your humor, and meeting you in person will always be a highlight for Don and I

I wish we lived closer, I would love to come and hear you sing and I love the Easter Music.

It's easy to bear with you dear friend,through this period of adaptation....and I think you might look real cool with just the mustache.

Will you post the pic???

Think of you often, and remember you in my prayers.

Jose said...

Awww thank you Wanda. You always seem to find the perfect and most soothing words.

If I take if off (which I doubt) I'll post it but no "Just for men" coloring will be involved. lol I have to draw the line somewhere.

EsLocura said...

I have written nothing lately, transitional periods are like that, I'll be reading your old stuff, getting to "know you better". while I wait for choir and or life stories, like the new grandbaby. btw I like the hairy face. btw otra vez, 50 is the new 40 : )

Jose said...

EsLocura - LOL Yes I noticed you are on hiatus. I will add you to my list so I know when you post something. Oh and thanks of both BTWs.

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