Monday, March 15, 2010

My Weekend

What a weekend, from Happy Hour, to Happy Birthday Carne Asada, to my continued new career as a choirboy, to a free concert/spiritual hour after the six o'clock mass, not a dull moment in this kids life.

It was Junior's birthday last week and my father in law's birthday today so last Saturday we decided to have a Carne Asada to celebrate. As always we had plenty of of food. My sister in law made the rice, my daughter in law brought beans with chorizo, (uuum they were good too), her mom baked the cake, and I blended a couple of my very tasty salsas. We had a really good time and I think everyone left on a full stomach. I for one am still paying the price for overeating but if you know me then you know I can't say no to the Carne Asada. I may be biased but I trully think our family gatherings are the best.

Sunday we had a special guest singer at church. His name is Michael John Poirier and along with his wife, three kids, and a dog, he travels throughout the United States visiting one church after another while spreading his message through some very impressive music which he composes.

As he sang one of his songs, my niece and I picked up the chorus which was very repetitive and started singing with him, we were soon joined by most of our choir members and just sang along with him. It was moving and inspiring as most of what he does is improvised. He has the ability of just putting words to the sweet melodic music he played. Talented individual indeed. When I paid him a compliment on his voice instead of just saying thanks he told me so do you. To say a big smile came out of my face would be an understatement. That was one of two major compliments I received yesterday. Ummmm, I think I'm sticking around this choir. It's nice to know that if your fellow parishioners like the music, then God must also be happy.

A huge feast at my sisters followed. More carne asada, mole verde, rice, beans, etc. etc. etc. I'm telling you I'm liking this Sundays more and more. lol Party in my tummy is definitely so yummy.

In the afternoon my sister and I went back to church. Michael was going to have a sort of motivational mini concert and we were all invited. It was free of charge and totally worth the hour and a half we were there. Again this guy just motivates with his stories and his music. And even though he is not bilingual as he does not understand Spanish, he sang many songs he composed in Spanish (Go figure) of course it was all phonetically but he still sounded awesome as his enunciation was really good.

Spending all that time at church has been really good for me. As I told my sister, right now I have nothing but time so if they call me I'm there. We are heading towards two very busy weeks as holy week approaches, and I am totally looking forward to it.



EsLocura said...

carne asada has got to be one of my most favorite. yum, when I lived in boston I would frequent a place called "Sol Azteca" I would always get the same thing, carne asada or pollo con mole, next time I am in your neck of the woods am coming over, just tell your familia I am a long lost prima : )

Jose said...

EsLocura - LOL My family is so big you'll blend right in. And we always play salsa music anyway so you'll feel right at home. Oh, and by the way our carne asada has well sabor a carne asada and it's always soooooo good.

Elena said...

Michael nos lleno el alma y la carne asada nuestros estomagos, que mas podemos pedir?

MrManuel said...

I don't get tired hearing about what you eat. I mean, it's stuff my familia eats too, but I never get enough of it!

Jose said...

Elena - Deveras que si. Cuan afortunados somos.

MrManuel - Family gatherings and Carne Asada will always go hand in hand.

Chely said...

No wonder you were M.I.A. - Now I get it! I was just about to get on your case for not posting anything and I found this post.

About time!!!


Anonymous said...

Salsa music and Carne Asada... Sounds like a perfect time to me.!!!

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