Monday, March 08, 2010

Update on Joe the Choirboy.

I know you are all waiting to hear how it went at the church with the solo. Well, wait no more, I believe yesterday I pulled it off just fine, my voice was still hoarse so I still got a little help from one of the other members but as soon as it warmed up I was fine.

So we are supposed to also do the six o'clock mass once a month, our turn is not due for another two weeks, however I received a text from my niece where she asked me if I could sing with her and my sister as the six o'clock had no choir. Somehow they found a lady that plays the piano during the English nine o'clock mass and that was going to be all the music we would have. No practice, no nothing, basically just show up and go for it. Wow!

Well, we did have a chance to go over the songs and I felt comfortable with the piano and the lady was comfortable knowing what tempo to play the music in. Keep in mind she is Anglo and sings the English mass, now she has to adapt to Spanish which she probably didn't even understood.

In the morning I still shook a little as I did my solo but somehow in the afternoon with the added pressure I had not time for that. I could be wrong but I think we did a really good job and I could hear the congregation singing with us, that in itself is the OK we need as choir members.

So my sister and niece tell me I do good but of course they will tell me that every time because they are my family and they love me, but when the pianist told me she enjoyed playing while I sang was an unexpected complement.

So, the bottom line is that my sister has a good chance of still making a choir boy out of me. As for me, just like Wanda, ChrisJ, Beth, Pennie and many other wonderful friends I have told me I would do, I want to thank you all for the vote of confidence and to let you know that I am really enjoying it. Make no mistake, it is a big commitment and I am spending more time at church. But that can never be a bad thing.



Michelle said...

Oh how cute... look at you standing there with the choir! It's really adorable. :)

Elena said...

La practica te va dando la confiaza pero nunca pierdas el nervio porque alli es cuando todo sale mal. Experiencia.

MrManuel said...

Seems like a perfect thing for you to do! Have fun with it!

ChrisJ said...

So now it's Joe Cool Cowboy. Well good for you! I'd love to hear you.

Wanda said...

So when do we get a You-Tube? Jose, the Choir I love it!!!!

Thanks for the picture...nice!

Chely said...

Cool! Hmmm, I wonder who took that awesome picture??? - LOL=D

I think a have a video clip of you singing in the choire. I'll look for it.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome Joe! Mostly when I sing.. People say... QUIET.

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