Monday, April 05, 2010


My thinking hat or Arielle's tutu.

I am thinking that this life
With its purpose and its rhyme
It's passing us by too fast
And the time lost just won't come back.
So please enjoy every second
Every minute, every hour
Do it with the ones you love
And even with the ones you don't
The choice is yours to live a life
That fulfills wishes and dreams alike
Don't waste it on petty things
Cause they're empty, you will see
Use the time wisely now
And no regrets will hunt your style
Love the people that's around you
And let their love for you surround you
See the world with brand new eyes
Hear the sounds with brand new ears
Open up your heart and soul
And thank the lord that you are here.

Just a thought...



Michelle said...


Oh wait is was a poem. Well the only response I had was Amen so that will have to do.

I like your thinking cap...

Sandy said...

Beautiful poem......and beautiful "tiara"...yeah, I'll call it that..ha.

Tara said...

Very nice poem Jose. The picture is priceless :)

Angelica said...

that's it! he's loosing it!! oh wait it's just joe

Wanda said...

Very serious poem, very profound, very relevant... and the thinking die for!

We need to add you to the list of great thinkers!

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