Thursday, July 08, 2010

Day Three - The San Diego Zoo

So, day one and day two had been pretty hectic but now with our guests back in L.A. and everybody else either going back to Sea World or to the beach we headed for the San Diego Zoo. This was far from a stressful day, actually although tiring because of all the walking up and down the hills and slopes that are part of the park, it was stress free.

How can you not feel stress free in an environment like this.

Just a stroll in the park. Again a stroller with a cooler full of water and sodas was all we had to deal with. I didn't know what to expect, I only visited the Los Angeles Zoo once many years ago and I have never been to the Phoenix Zoo either. I really expected it to be stinky and stuff but I was really surprised at how clean the park is, and that includes the cages.

For sure a highlight of the day was feeding the giraffes. This giant but gentle animals were more than happy to take the biscuits off our hands with their very long tongues. The kids for sure loved it.

Dropped it the first two times. He had it right after the third attempt.

Then there was the crazy orangutan that rolled from one edge of the cage all the way to the other end and then back. Homey orangutan had got be very dizzy when after what it seemed forever he decided to sit against a tree.

This guy rolled all over the place before he sat there to rest. Probably dizzy too.

In the end it was the monkeys that gave the biggest show, ewwww. Not to be outdone they decided out of the blue and without fair warning to give us a lesson in how to do the nasty monkey style. I'm sorry it sounds explicit but truth is it was funny because well they are monkeys just monkeying around. lol

Bad monkeys, bad monkeys. Next time get a room.

If you never been there, this place is huge and yes they do have double decker buses that give you tours and probably take you all over the park, but we decided that walking was the way we wanted to experience the zoo.

We easily spent a good eight hours there, we caught a kids show and took them to the petting zoo, went on our mandatory souvenir and t-shirt shopping and off we went back to the hotel.

All said and done we had a really great time.

The plan was to go to the hotel change into warmer clothes and to go back to Seaport Village to watch the fireworks. What was I thinking? I don't go anywhere on the fourth of July in Phoenix because of the insane crowds and traffic, what made me think that it would be easier in a place like San Diego?

Well, needless to say the rest of the night was a blur.

And just to end this weekend tale, day four, the day we had predestined to go to the beach and maybe cross the bridge to Coronado Island is... yep! A blur too.

Here are some shots that I really like:

Diego, the polo player.

This magestic creature was just there posing and displaying its beauty in front of everyone.

Oh no! I'm going to be puree.,

You don't go to the zoo to have them play in a playground but gosh once they saw it that's all they wanted.
These photo ops are just to cool to pass them up.

The spider and the fly.

Me petting the goats.

Savannah sitting on one cool bench.



ChrisJ said...

I love the San Diego Zoo , it is one of the foremost in the world, but I agree it is a lot of walking.
The photo of the peacock and all the people was brilliant. Wish we'd had more sunshine for you, but then you might have got burned so maybe this was better.

Jose said...

Oh no, no, no, no,no, Chris the weather was perfect the way it was. I loved the day at the zoo cause we didn't have the blazing sun over us while going up and down those hills.

Wanda said...

OK, I had forgotten how much I love the San Diego Zoo..... Don and I must take a day trip soon.... What a great place to take pictures.

You gave us such an array of lovelies. Glad the weather stayed can really get hot there at times.

Jose said...

Wanda - It really was a pleasant surprise. I liked this place and had a great time. I'm told the Phoenix Zoo pales in comparison.

Sandy said...

WHAT FUN..great pics. I love going to the zoo with kids, it makes it all new again.

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