Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple

This is still from my Labor Day weekend in California. On Sunday my sister, my niece, and I went to the Buddhist Temple in The City of Hacienda Heights. I remember when they first started building it because I was still living in Hacienda Heights.

This place is pretty awesome, sort of a magical trip to a far away land right in your backyard, OK maybe not mine but you know what I mean. I don't need to go to China to visit one when it's right there in Hacienda Heights.

3456 S. Glenmark Dr.
Hacienda Heights,CA 91745
Website: www.hsilai.org
Hours open to the public
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

From Highwy 60, exit at Hacienda Blvd. and go south on Hacienda Blvd. Go two blocks past Colima Road and then turn left on Glenmark Drive. Enter temple grounds through the gated driveway.

There is just so much detail, so many different things to be photographed, so many colors, the fish, the dragons, the statues, etc. etc. etc. We must have captured a little over a hundred images and we could probably kept going. Keeping in mind that it is a temple and certain areas need to be respected, pretty much the allow to take photographs pretty much everywhere.

We spent a couple of hours there and it was just enough time to see the whole thing. I know it is going to be hard to pick which images to post as we took so many but I do hope you enjoy the few I post.


The mottoes for Fo Guang Buddhists are:

Give confidence to others
Give hope to others
Give joy to others
Make things convinient for others.
~Hsing Yum

Hsi Lai Temple was built to serve as a spiritual and cultural center for those interested in learning Buddhism and Chinese culture.



Wanda said...

Jose, that looks just like the movie set from Anna and the King.

Wow....impressive, but they have lots of visitors with cameras. You got some great shots.

The grass sure doesn't grow under your feet when you are in CA....You have the best tour guides, and pretty too.

ChrisJ said...

Great photos Jose, chosen with a well experienced eye. Very beautiful spot. You do so well with scene composition.

Crystal said...

Ohh our cupcake dessert! I've been craving them since!

Can't wait until our next adventure Tio! =)

Jose said...

Chris and Wanda - I should have mention that some of the images where caught by my sister whom also has a fantastic eye for composition. The image of a circle you see here is huge bell. She stood under it and took the shot.

Crystal - Me too. I told your mom next time we should visit the Griffith Obserbatory. I would also like to go to Venice Beach again.

Felicia said...

wow such a pretty place! I think next time we go to California I might stop in there. I always wanted to see something like this.

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