Sunday, November 14, 2010

My New Buddy

So it was time for me to finally upgrade my phone. I am still not a big phone user but I have taken to the text craze fairly well. No I don't text while driving, that is so, so freaking dangerous, but while at work and on my leisure time I do text and I text a lot. I kindda laughed when my sister got mad because I texted her a "K" to acknowledge her text citing that a text with only a "k" is a waste of text.
I upgraded my phone and I now feel sophisticated and important.

Then she went on to tell me she only had 200 texts, so naturally I asked per day right? She said no for the whole month and 100 need to be outgoing so that meant she only had 100 incoming, Wow! I thought to myself, I send 200 texts in about two days and receive just as many. The funny thing is that my carrier is a generic carrier
and for $46.00 a month I had unlimited calls, unlimited texts, unlimited long distance at any time, and a bunch of other services that I probably don't use. Well, my new plan is $55.00 a month for unlimited everything and my new phone is definitely pretty cool.

I went with the Huawei Ascend (The Huawei Ascend features a 3.5” HVGA touchscreen, 3.2-megapixel fixed-focus camera, EV-DO Rev.A, and Android 2.1.) and right now we are getting to know each other. I try to spell everything correctly when I text, none of this texting lingo kids use, but this phone is not cooperating. It is going to be inevitable that in many cases if you get a text from me you'll have to decipher it.

In any case, I think I will get used to it really quick. I like it and it works good. Facebook? No problem, GPS? Of course, I get all the services that you my dear friends paying over $100.00 a month and limiting yourselves to minutes and such get except I pay a lot less.


Wanda said...

You are talking a whole new language to me.... I'm sure my cell phone is ready for the Antique store, but I'm not giving it up...

You are much younger and smarter than enjoy your new toy!!!

Love ya

MrManuel said...

Sweet! Nothing better than having a fun phone!

Michelle said...

Welcome to the present Dad!

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