Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fabulous Fords Forever 2011

Oh yeah baby, I have been waiting for this date to be announced since the beginning of the year. This is my open invitation for all those that may want to attend this year trip to Knott's Berry Farm for the Fabulous Fords Forever car show.

I am excited cause this year I won't be taking the Fox Body, my 2007 is ready and willing to make the trip this year. We missed the show last year as most of us went on hiatus but after a successful snow day I want more of these family outings. Ducky may even be taller than the infamous height line for most of the rides.

Me and my trusty steed will make the trip this year. Will you?

So this is the first of more posts in reference to this trip. I want to start seeing raised hands to find out who wants to go. My hand is raised up already cause I am going, so speak up and let me know it should be a blast.

Traditionally this family outing has definitely been a favorite for everyone that has participated. As a rule we make a whole weekend of it with all of us going to the amusement park on Saturday while on Sunday the girls either hit the alleys, the nail shops, or just plain stay home resting while us guys go the the car show. Aside Mr Junior getting a ticket for tailgating me while coming back two years ago, it's always a smooth and well planned trip.

I will soon let you know ticket prices.


Michelle said...

Not my husband! He would never get a ticket! :P

Chely said...

Hey, great looking house in the background! =D

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