Monday, March 14, 2011

How Fast They Grow... Part 2

And here is the second set of five.

Juan Jr.
Better known as "Juanito"

This is the drama king of the family. Him I could not touch or carry in my arms for the whole first year. He was just a baby while one Christmas Eve I took him from his mom's arms to carry him and he started crying so much they had to go to a room and stay with him for the next 45 minutes or so. After that I was afraid to carry him. Then little by little he started coming to me all on his own. Now it's no problem, he'll come to grandpa and say hi.


In contrast to Juanito, this one became possessive of me. No one, and I mean absolutely no one could hug me without her screaming her little head off. For the first two years of her life and before she would talk this little one could scream in such a high pitch way that it would actually hurt your ears. Anybody even getting close to me and she would actually scream so hard that you really had to think twice before getting anywhere near me. Now when she talks about me she refers to of me as her greatest grandpa, but better yet her #1 grandpa.

Now we come to the trio that joined us last year. Mi chica knew these three were coming but didn't get the chance to see them here. Story goes as told by my daughters that as an angel she had them with her and played with them before sending them over to us. You know what, I believe that to be true.

In about a week, this little one is having his first birthday party already. One year old, so hard to believe. I guess to other people he does not look like a Ramon. They call him Raymon until my daughter in law corrects them and tells them that it is actually a Ramon. I think she is even learning to roll her R's. lol Me, I prefer to call him by his second name, and what is that you ask? Why it is Jose of course. I dubbed this little one "Little Joe", and I believe I am the only one that calls him that.


Alayna and Arielle are the dad's image but OMG when I saw this one for the first time a few minutes after she was born, it took me back to the day her mom was born and I thought it was history repeating itself. To this day I still say this one is all Michelle. She is tiny and very smart, started seating by herself when she was like seven months and standing by herself at around the same time. One more month and a few days and she too will be a year old. This is a super well behaved little girl that prefers freedom to roam around than to be held in anybodies arms.


And here she is ladies and gentlemen, this is the baby of the Melo clan, the youngest of the ten and the one will be spoiled rotten by most, specially her mom. lol Pay attention to her mouth. Do you see it? Well, she inherited my mouth and I couldn't be happier. She laughs when I talk to her and always answers me which is funny cause I don't see her that often. She gives me the impression that she knows exactly who I am. I just love her.

So there they are, all ten of them, the sunshine of my life. Now you know why I keep saying that I am so blessed. Yes, God has been good to me.


Wanda said...

Oh Jose, what a wonderful album of darling children. You are blessed.

MrManuel said...

What a blessing, indeed! Love them and cherish them!

ChrisJ said...

Beautiful grandchildren, Jose. Such a blessing.

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