Monday, March 07, 2011

Going Places

All of a sudden I have the urge to just get up and go, take one of the ponies or the hog and point it in no particular destination and just go and explore. There are too many places I want to visit that I haven't been to yet and the beauty of it all is that they are all local places. I for one do not have that urge to travel the world or go look for exotic lands, just right here in Arizona there is so much I want to see and get acquainted with.

This includes places that I have already visit once in the 21 years I've lived here. The Grand Canyon, Lake Havasu, and Sedona are places I visited once but would love to go again, that goes for Williams too. Then there's places I have not visited such as Bisbee, Toumbstone, Lake Powell, Prescott, Gerome, and an endless amount of smaller towns only visible through the back roads.

However, the next road trip is schedulled for next month as some of us will be going to The Fabulous Fords Forever carshow at Knott's Berry Farm. We skipped this annual outing last year but I for one am looking forward to going this year.

That means that by the time I am ready to take a local ride or cruise the weather will be perfect for it. As the weather gets hotter here in Phoenix the weather up north is waiting to refresh you. I have been itching to go on a picture hunt, ever since my camera died I have been on hiatus and I think it's been a little too long already, so hopefully soon I will get back in picture taking mode.


MrManuel said...

Tombstone. Definitely go see Tombstone!

Michelle said...

Jr and I have recently been talking about this! We have talked about taking the kids up North and doing a trip like the one we did when we were younger. Same stops... meteor crater, montezumas castle, grand canyon, sedona, williams.

But then again I really wanna do a tombstone/bisbee trip again too. Jr said he won't be scared this time.

I can't decide! But it'll have to wait anyway... I am jam packed until like May! And then it might be too hot after that :/

Anonymous said...

Hey Jose! I love Bisbee and Tombstone.. We use to go every year when we lived in CA.. Now, not so much. Sedona is beautiful year round! Hope all is well.

Sandy said...

My dad was a cowboy and lived in Tombstone for about 10 years. We would visit often. I love that place, I love the saloons, drinking beer with my dad, dancing country and when he died I have missed him so much. Hope you take the time to go there, but it is very touristy during the weekend - best to go during the week.

Sandy said...

also, as soon as our house sales and we move - Sedona is my first trip in a long time. We have been there twice and I like it, but I love Prescott - the town square, restaurants, saloons.

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