Sunday, March 13, 2011

How Fast They Grow... Part 1

A Day at the Park with my kids and grand kids.


And here is living proof that they in fact grow too fast. Not too long this princess wouldn't want to be torn from grandpa's arms. Now she has reached the double digits, not the teens yet, thank God, but 10 years is nothing to sneeze about. She is my oldest granddaughter, and we have a special bond. I love her to infinity and beyond.


This one is right behind her sister as this year she will also turn 10 years old. When we (Sylvia and I) received the news that this little one was on the way we were supper happy, the best news we had received in a very long time. We remember that for the first year there would not be an outing to any store where mi chica wouldn't come back with a new outfit for her. This one holds a special place in my heart and always will.


Only one way to describe this one. "To know him is to love him" this little man is way beyond his years, the oldest of four and the only boy he takes care of the three sisters that succeed him and has fun while doing it. At seven (almost eight) years old he can handle them and always makes sure that they have what they need. No secret that grandpa and grandma love this one in a truly special way. Yes he was the sunshine in mi chica's life.

Loyiel Jr.
Better known as "Ducky"

I can't really find the words to describe this one because there are just way too many. The first Duckworth baby needed a suiting nickname and it was unanimously agreed that it would be "Ducky". The duck is just a most lovable kid, nothing faces him and don't try to engage him into any serious conversation because you probably lost him at hello. He has a short attention span for grown ups, playing and having fun is more of a top priority. Can't help but to love this one as he truly is a bundle of joy.


Better known as "La Princesa" she just radiates beauty and love. However, this one really got into it with mi chica you would have thought they were equals in the way they fought. I think they had the same personality thus clashing big time. And yet they loved each other so very much. Me? She is just my Princesa and she loves me very much.


Michelle said...

Man remember Tallynna as a baby? Crazy huh! She was like Ramon's age!

Nani... oh man did we not go to the store and buy things for her and Tallynna.

And Diego... well he is mine and I like him :) Special boy.

Tara said...

They are all beautiful...but what is going on behind Ducky? LOL!

Nikki Darling said...

I plead the fifth!! ;)

Jose said...

LOL - Tara, those are my two nieces fooling around and making Ducky's shot more interesting.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful babies! They are growing so fast. Love the photos.

Sandy said...

Jose - this was so great to read and see the photos of these special grandkids in your life. I had to laugh reading the last one about Alayna - she sounds like our Mackenzie - what a mind of her own she has...and we play off each other sometimes. Great post. You are a lucky grandpa.

Michelle said...

Wait you added! Now I have to recomment!

Ducky: Yup... lost him at hello! Man that was funny!

Alayna: Sheesh beautiful. And always in fashion obviously.

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