Thursday, April 14, 2011

And so it was Friday and of course we can't eat meat, no problem my little sister had just the place to take me to. She took me to Senor Baja where they had the best and I am not exaggerating fish and shrimp tacos. Man, they were tasty and pretty filling.

Me, waiting for my fish tacos.

After eating we went back to her house where the car needed to be cleaned and put away for the rest of the day and Saturday, and then drafted her car to be the car to commute all over town. Ja ja she said "When did we decide that?" little sister I am after all the older brother and I call the shots just so you know. lol

After cleaning the car we sang for a bit and then she started cooking, not for that day mind you as she was cooking meat but for the next day. It was torture because she cooks good and I am a meat eater by nature and the aromas coming from that kitchen were killing me.

She drove an hour and a half in traffic to be my date. I like her! :-)


We then got ready to go out to karaoke and that's when the real fun began. We stopped to pick up this PYT I had asked to be my date and we got to Casa Cabral fairly early. We sang and danced the night away and it was all pure fun. The people there treat me pretty nice every time I go there and make me want to keep going back.


And just plain ol' having fun!

My lil sister and I still got it after all these years.

The place is supposed to close at two but after we stopped singing and dancing the owner and some friends remained at their table so we remained at ours and they kept the music going, it wasn't until a bit past three that we left but not for home but for a taco place. We were all starving for tacos. We finally got home at around 5:00 a.m. and we were supposed to be ready by 9:00 a.m. for Knott's yeah right! Good luck on that one.

Ummm tacos, que rico! Attack!


The girls.


Wanda said...

What a great trip...what great fun...Jose, you are just a great guy surrounded by all those lovelies.

Jose said...

Blessed indeed Wanda. I do have so much fun everytime I go visit. Weekends tend to be too short though. :-(

Sandy said...

fun fun fun fun....

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