Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Day At Knott's Berry Farm

Grandkids Rule!
Here's the reason why I love going there. They just know how to have a drama free good ol time.

We came back from Casa Cabral at 5:00 a.m. so waking up early was not in my sister's or my agenda, the kids started texting me with wake up calls like at around 8:00 a.m. but I never heard the ringer go off. Needless to say the left without us but not to fear a few hours later we caught up with them.

The forecast called for rain throughout the weekend but we were lucky cause it never came. It was a bit cloudy and cold but nothing a sweat shirt didn't take care of. Once we hooked up with the family it seemed like we were moving in slow motion but to me the important part was just to be with all of them enjoying the day, the rides, the food, and seeing the kids faces light up when they came out of the rides.

My sister was so proud to take a picture with her daughters to seal and remember that wonderful moment. Her daughter Thalia was just too happy to make sure she would remember it for a long time to come.

Of course my date continued there so I for one was specially enjoying each moment. There is something about Knott's Berry Farm that I like, I am sure the happiest place on earth better known as Disneyland is fun too but to me this much smaller and more intimate park does the trick each and every time.

Don't judge, I was tired from partying too hard the night before.

We did some line dancing, and also took one of those old time pictures where you get to dress up. Me I chose to be a gambler, the picture came out really nice, I loved it. You all will have to wait to see an image of it cause my niece has it. Night came and with it the colder weather, so after getting ice cream for my niece and coffee for us wimpier and slightly older folk we were ready to go back to my sister's house for yet more coffee and good ol conversation.

Line dancing was fun.

Wanda! Do you recognize this?

My beautiful niece Becca and I.

Remember "tomorrow" I will have to really get up early, go pick up my date and head back to Knott's Berry Farm for The Fabulous Fords Forever Car Show, but that's a different post.

Mi hermanita me pregunto
Que porque tan inspirado
Es que a mi vida el dia de hoy
Una nueva musa a llegado
Aparecio de la nada
La nada de mas de treinta anos
Quien lo fuera a suponer?
Quien se lo habria imaginado?
Los cordones que Dios jala
Los mueve pa todos lados
Y yo mancito y obediente
Me dejo ser controlado
Quien soy yo pa resistirme
El DESTINO esta marcado
No planeo serrar mis ojos
Si El asi me lo ha disenado.




Wanda said...

Jose, you had a blast at one of my very favorite places...And my eyes jumped out when I saw the picture of you and the Oldtimer Rubber Band Gun....!! What a small world.

I will share the picture with our son, Myk, he will really be pleased!

That line dancing looks like fun..I'm so clumsy, but I'd like to try sometime. I've never been a dancer, but love it watch someone else enjoy it.

Sandy said...

wow, great photos...

Michelle said...

I thought of Wanda everytime I passed by those guns! I had to run up to them and see if they were indeed the same guns! Man Diego would have loved to have one!Knotts is so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Aww Tio, your last poem, really brought a tear to my eye... I LOVE you and I am soooo happy for you. All I want for you is to be happy forever.

Love Vane : )

Jose said...

*tear* You always making me feel so special princess. Love ya too, and yes I am a happy man.

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