Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Arielle = The Little Mermaid

So, my little niece comes over and asks me how come Arielle is wearing a bathing suit, after all at Nikki's house there's no swimming pool. "I don't know baby, as your tia Michelle" was my responce. Excuse me Mr. Melo! Have you not seen the movie "The Little Mermaid", don't you know the name of the main character? There, I just told me off myself. But really I am only a grandpa, how am I supposed to remember the name of all the Disney characters, specially the ones named after my granddaugher or... wait, the other way around right?

Grandpa and his sirenita.

Nikki was gracious enough to host her birthday party numero 3. Wow! Three years old already, I am telling you I am getting old way too fast and these kids just continue to grow changing almost on a daily basis.

As always a plethora of familia gathered and had a great time. Plenty of food, pasta salad, chips and sssssssss.... oh wait for the second fiesta in a row there was no salsa. Whose daughters are these?

So here are some scenes from the fiesta. Enjoy them as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

Junior and his little mermaid.

My lil bro, a clown, and my Nikki.


Arielle and Tiffany having fun and being silly.

I asked these two to shove a bun and make some room for me, they just looked at me and pretended like they didn't hear me or something cause they did not even move an inch. lol



Michelle said...

Aww she was so happy that day! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the photos.. Looks like a great day

Sandy said...

Looks like a wonderful day and ...great photos...What a little doll she is. You look so good in green feathers...ha..

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