Tuesday, April 05, 2011

First Road Trip of 2011

It's that time again to have a road trip to California. Last year I somehow managed to squeeze six trips so let's see what this year brings. Since I went there for New Year's I wonder if I can count that one as a trip for both 2010 and 2011 (lol).

In any event for a very special reason I am really looking forward to this trip, and weather it's a total hit or a bust is yet to be seen but I am aiming high and I am truly enjoying the anticipation although I must say it's killing me. I am already in "Nothing will dampen this fantastic mood I'm in" mode and am totally psyched to have nothing but a good time.

As always, going to Casa Cabral for some good ol karaoke and dancing is first on the agenda. Hey, I got me a dancing partner (and no sister, not you) so my dancing shoes have been dusted and shinned. I can't wait.

Saturday we all go to Knott's Berry Farm. This has been a yearly trip for us since 1990 and we have only missed it maybe three years since that then. It's always a big family affair and all of us usually go. This year my Nikki and Loyiel won't be able to go but we are abducting their "Ducky" and we are taking him with us. I expect to take tons of pictures so stay tuned for that next week. Knott's may not be "the happiest place on earth" but for me it's the best amusement park to have fun for the money you pay.

Sunday while the girls do their thing, the guys usually go back to Knott's Berry Farm for the annual Fabulous Fords Forever car show, this year it seems I have been abandoned and will be going solo, unless "someone" decides to be my date. This year I am taking the newer Mustang so I am excited, the Fox Body will remain home as it has gone already about six times. As for the rest of the family, well, they are hitting Disneyland too. Thanks to my awesome niece whom happens to work there the ticket prices are, well put it this way, too hard to resist.

My baby ready for the road trip and the show.

Monday, I will be heading back to Phoenix but this year we have a special stop programed. After over ten years of not seeing her, we are stopping to see this girl that I love as if she was my family member. OK, let me rephrase that, she is family as her dad was like a brother to me and often referred to as my "evil" twin. lol When he moved away from Phoenix and his daughter moved back to California we lost track of them but through the fascinating world of Facebook have been in contact with Mel for about a year. So looking forward to seeing her.

There, road trips are always so much fun and as you can see always crammed with fun stuff to do.


bozette said...

John and my first road trip is May 13th we will be heading to CA. then CO.

Jose said...

And why are you skipping Arizona again. Lana, you are fired. lol
Hey it had been a while since I had seen bozette come out. :-)

I hope you are feeling and walking better.

Anonymous said...

tears are flowing down my cheeck, i love you ! cant wait 2 see you !

Wanda said...

You are going to have a blast Jose.

Just had dinner at the Chicken House at Knotts Berry Farm when our friend from Texas was visiting!!

Enjoy every minute of it...Yell Hi Myk...when you get to Knotts...He just lives a few blocks away.

Jose said...

@Anonymous -- You know I love ya!

@Wanda -- I will if I have any voice from screaming on the rides. At 51 I am now a wimp when it comes to riding those rollercoasters. But I'll say hi to Myk and I still want some of those cool riffles, but probably not at Knott's prices. lol

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