Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fabulous Fords Forever 2011

Conversation with my mom:

Me: Ma, I am goning to California once a month you want to come with so you can pay for half the gas?
Mom: *Rolls her eyes and smiles*.
Being that I am her predilect son I take that as a yes. lol

And so as if it wasn't enough when Sunday rolled in it was carshow time early in the morning. I picked up my date and headed back to Knott's Berry Farm (Yes Susie, I said Knott's Berry Farm) where we needed to be before 10:00 or we would not be able to show the car. We got there with half an hour to spare so we got directed to our spot where a last minute car cleaning session was performed and then it was off to explore and enjoy the show.

I am seriously suggesting a name change for that show from Fabulous Fords Forever to Fabulous Mustangs Forever. The Mustang outnumbers all he other models combined and basically represent about an 75 to 80 per cent of the cars there.

But seriously there is a little bit of everything there as you can see from the following images:

OK, there are definitely still too many non Mustangs.

Lunch time came around and we attempted to go and dine at the Knott's Berry Farm restaurant that supposedly is very good but after half our in the line and moving only about an inch indicated that we would probably go hungry while waiting so the next best choice was across the street at TGI Firday's. Food wasn't that good but really do you think I cared? Right? :-)

We walked some more, took some pictures, enjoyed some more cars, rested by the car, it was too hot so walk some more, breeze was absolutely nice, and then it was almost time to go home.

As I mentioned before in Facebook, no fair the weekend went by so fast. But as most good things come to an end so did the show. Not so the date, it lasted a few more hours. A movie and some awesome company pretty much marked the end of the weekend. Once back at my sister's house it only took me about a minute after I crashed on the couch and was fast asleep not to wake up until the next day.

Thanks to Chely whom always makes sure my visits to Cali are filled with fun stuff to do. Just makes me start thinking and planning the next time I will be going back.


Wanda said...

What a great time...sometime on one of your monthly trips to CA, you will have to bite the bullet and wait in line for a great chicken dinner!!!

Jose said...

Wanda I am not kiddin, you probably know which restaurant I am refering to. Half an hour in line and we moved a whole inch. :-(

We were starving. lol

Michelle said...

Well since my original comment never posted:

That sounds like a conversation I might have with you. Excpet more like, " Dad I have nothing to wear for Easter and it's on Sunday! Wouldn't you like to help out?" And that's when you would roll your eyes and then I would take that as a Yes! Right? Right?!

I am still your little baby!!!

Oh and that sparkly car is really sparkly!

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