Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Mi Pequena Princesita

En un mundo de princesas
Lleno de sus fantasias
Se empiesa a escribir la historia
De un primer ano de vida

Princesita adorada
Munequita infantil
Tu sonrisita tan mimada
Que me hace derretir

Tienes toda la pureza
Para vivir una vida
Una vida de iluciones
Y futuras fantasias

Te quiero eso es muy sierto
Y tu me haces muy feliz
Pues tu eres la nueve de diez
Diez que me hacen vivir.



Atalie's first birthday party was very intimate and lots of fun. Not to mention the food was mucho bueno and the salsas well the best if I may say so myself, that's right I made them with some of Liz' and Brianna's help. I think these people are trying to steal my recipes. (Note to self, do not disclose full list of ingredients to these very random helpers). lol Not to be outdone, Nikki hooked us up with a guacamole that was da bomb. (Who the heck is teaching me to write like this?) Darn you facebookers.

These two were very interested in my helping me. Fair warning girls my salsas are totally copyrighted.

Michelle cooked the perfect trio of meats. Pork, beef, and chicken and we were all treated to a genuine taquiza, um que rico! Not to feel left out I cooked these very delicious or as my nephew Oscar put it scrumptious frijoliitos puercos, a recipe that mi chica must have sent me via e-angel or something cause this is only the second time I cook them and darn they were tasty.

Loyiel showing us how it's done.

Her comadre came out with a candy bar that I believe was a hit with every kid in attendance as they kept sneaking in to grab hand fulls of it. Boy am I glad I left before the sugar high hit them. Actually they were burning all the energy outside in the brinca, brinca a.k.a. the bouncy thingy for kids.

I believe hers was the umphtieth birthday this month and there are still more to come as next week it's Anthony's turn.

But I wanted to be a grandpa right?


MrManuel said...

It wasn't me teaching you to use "da bomb." TRUST me! Looks like another great family gathering. A year already? Time flies!

Michelle said...

My little baby... a year old. And walking and talking and screaming... man that was fast. My food was da bomb! I am quite proud how it all came together... good food, good salsas, good frijoles. Mmm.

Michelle said...

OH! And I love that little poem!!! :)

Sandy said...

wow, so many birthdays in a me..i have three more coming up in the next two months and a baby born in June..

your family looks like fun..

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