Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In Loving Memory Of:

Fred Tims.

I was thinking what to say
About this man that I knew
Didn't think my mind would have
Memories of him but do.
I know at first he wasn't happy
His little beauty found her beast
But over time and little by little
He got to know him like I did
And so before he even knew it
But not in the blink of an eye
He got used to this idea
That this merger was alright
No we didn't look that foreign
I think we actually looked alright
And in our family gatherings
We came to peace and did it right
I pity the poor little angel
That dare ask him how it was
As I am sure his explanation
Will last more than he can stand
Yes he talked and talked with gusto
And he always knew what was up
On second thought I hope that angel
Is not one I know about
Cause she will kick him back from heaven
To the end of the pearly gate's line
To me he was the other grandpa
Cause I said I was "The One"
But I liked sharing the spotlight
When the grand kids were around.
In the end he learned to like us
And we learned to like him back
So rest in peace dear Fred the grandpa
husband, uncle, friend and dad.


Dear Fred,

It's safe to say we became one family with a common bond, now I hope you and mi chica check on us and keep up safe from up there were you are.


Your friend, Jose
a.k.a Joe Cool :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh Joe; I'm sorry for your loss; Your chica and he will watch over you all together.Much Love

★Tina★ said...

well written my friend.

Michelle said...

You are on a roll with poems! I really liked this one!!!

Angelica said...

how beautiful!

Chely said...

Oh man Fide! You made me all teary eyed.

The poem is beautiful. Love the words you express.

I am sure he loved it too and I bet you he already shared it with the Angels. =)

Much respect and love for you Mr. Tims. May you rest in peace.

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