Wednesday, May 25, 2011



If I close my eyes it feels like yesterday so how did 33 years go by so fast. I’ve written about this before because not too long ago my daughters went through the same thing my niece just experienced last Monday. Yes, I am talking about High School graduation.

As I stood there listening to these kids give their speeches about chasing dreams and how the sky is the limit I couldn't help but think how time just swooshed over my head without warning. So in essence dreaming is good but tackling their goals is better. Back in the day having that High School diploma for many of us meant we were ready to go out into the world find a job and make a living and maybe advance in your career based on your merit.

Not so anymore, a High School diploma nowadays really does not mean much, it only means you are ready for the next level which is earning a college or university degree and the faster you tackle that the better. This also mean in many cases a big debt of college loans and school fees, but it also represents the opportunity to get a better paid job as most employers now look for educated candidates as opposed to experienced.

Me congratulating Alexis on her accomplishments.

So as I look back I realized that 33 years really went by too fast. For today’s graduates 33 years from now is so far away in a distant future. Life goes on and we continue to create our own paths.

I have been blessed with a good career that I enjoy. Even with my limited chances of advancement given my also limited education I really am in no position to complain, I have most of the things I want in life considering my budget but best of all I have something no money can buy… my family!

To my graduates, Alexis and Kerissa, do go and chase those dreams and don’t be afraid to conquer the world. You guys made it this far, keep going, don’t stop, but make sure to enjoy the voyage. Congratulations to the two of you my class of 2011 graduates from a class on '78 one.

Alexis' adoring fans.


MrManuel said...

High School graduation - the turning point from an easy life to a hard life.

ChrisJ said...

Congratulations to Alexis -- and what a beautiful smile.

You are so right about employers looking for education rather than experience. It is truly their loss.

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