Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Alayna Graduates From Kindergarten.

So today I went to my granddaughter's kinder garden graduation and I was prepared to be bored as these type of ceremonies usually are, after all it's just a bunch of names being called and a certificate being passed right? Well call me Dumbo and pull my ears but this one was not a boring ceremony at all.

There must have been over 50 kids up on that stage all ready to go into first year of elementary school. So, what made this ceremony different and not boring? Well, the kids of course. These kids treated us to a mini half an hour concert of colorful songs. Some of them to Christmas music, and some to old rhymes but all very enjoyable to the ear. How is it that these many kids sang this well is beyond me, but they did.

I of course was just having too much fun with Alayna as I kept waving to her and she felt compelled to wave back each time followed by a giggle and another wave. Yes, these process was repeated constantly during the ceremony. I think she kept telling the little girl next to her, see that crazy man waving at me a lot, he's my grandpa.

They were called one by one and a folder containing all of their projects was handed to them, followed by a firm hand shake given by one of the teachers. It was so much fun to see them.

My three year old granddaughter told me she was ready to go up there too and kept bugging that she wanted to be up in the stage with the other kids. She thought she belonged up there and wanted a jump start at kinder garden pronto.

These kids have a lot to learn about life and all but I learned something from them. I learned that good behavior and loud squeaky voices make for an enjoyable graduation ceremony worthy of any high school scholar and that when you are as young as they are, the sky really is the limit.

What a thrill to be able to see my grand kids' events as they unfold. Today kinder garden, tomorrow ASU.

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Michelle said...

I thought it was entertaining too Haha! Woo ASU! But I can hold off on that for a while... I hope 12 years goes by slowly so I can enjoy the ride.

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